Introducing Web Celebrations

Bring the fun of YouTube celebrations to your home office!

Introducing Web Celebrations

With so many of us are working remotely at the moment, we wanted to bring the excitement of SalesScreen TV screens to your home office. This means you can now have YouTube celebrations on the web app 🎉 When triggered, this will show as a small pop-up on your web dashboard—the same as it would appear on a TV screen.

19% of remote employees report loneliness as their biggest challenge. At SalesScreen, we aim to increase collaboration and transparency in the workplace, and this extends to remote work. Having celebrations on the web app will help to keep you and your teams connected and engaged, no matter where everyone is working from.

To enable/disable web celebrations, head over to your profile and go to the 'Celebrations' tab.

Stay safe–stay productive–celebrate (virtually) together!

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