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Company culture is the personality of a company. It defines the environment in which employees work. Company culture includes a variety of elements, including work environment, company mission, value, ethics, expectations, and goals.

A company’s culture is its identity. It is how the company views itself and how the company wishes to be viewed by the outside world… but, building the culture you want is not quite as easy as you may think. Simply claiming some set of values or plastering catchy phrases and core values on the wall won’t build your culture.

Culture is dynamic… it represents both what brings people together, but also what drives people apart. It is inclusive of the things that make an organization great, but also the things that serve as drawbacks (no organization or person is perfect, right?).

That’s why we’re holding a conference on Company Culture in May, with some of the world’s leading companies in attendance. Tickets are FREE, but limited. Sign up now to join us: SalesScreen.com/events

Thursday, May 24 from 1200–1700 @ MESH in Oslo

Speakers from some of the top businesses in the nordics will discuss:

  • How to hire and retain talent
  • Why trust is critical in business relationships
  • How to effectively lead various personality types
  • How to build company values that people live by
  • What strategies are most effective in motivating millennials


1200 — Welcome

1230 — “How to Recruit, Hire, Onboard & Retain Top Talent “ — Peder Hammer, Kelly Services

1300 — “Thriving on Trust & Client Advocacy” — Brian Reijngoud, Vanad Group

1330 — Lunch & hands-on with new SalesScreen features

1400 — “Effectively Leading the 4 Personality types” — Marius Yri, Storebrand

1430 — “Company values: More than words on a wall” — Lucie Katrine Sunde-Eidem, EiendomsMegler 1

1500 — “Millennials! Strategies to attract tomorrow’s leaders” — Henrik Broman Larsson, ProSales

1530 — Recap and additional questions

1600 — Light snacks and hands-on with new features

1700 — Networking session

Jobs Aren’t Just a Pay Check Peder Hammer, Consultant at Kelly Services Norway, will discuss how to really find top talent by using a unique approach to networking. He’ll also discuss how millennials search for jobs and what’s most important to hiring and retaining them. Lastly, he’ll discuss work-life balance and how to keep employees in the stretch-zone of continuous learning and development.

Jobs Aren’t Just a Pay Check Jobs Aren’t Just a Pay Check Brian Reijngoud and Femke Oosterlinck, from VANAD Aloha, will talk about the importance of building trust and putting the customer first. He will discuss why humans are the most important asset to any business and how to invest in them more in order to breed dreams, passion and ambition that result in lifelong relationships for mutual success.

Jobs Aren’t Just a Pay Check Marius Yri, Sales Leader Trainer at Storebrand, will introduce us to 4 common personality types in the workplace and how each of them are motivated. He will discuss how to build teams with various personality types, how to avoid a “one size fits all” approach, and how to make work fun and enjoyable for everyone.

![](https://salesscreencontent.blob.core.windows.net/hermes-cms/galleryImages/C2_banner_EM 1.png) Lucie Katrine Sunde-Eidem, HR Director at EiendomsMegler 1, will discuss sincerity, loyalty, initiative and sustainability. She will explain why these are the core values for EiendomMegler 1 and how the company strives to get each employee to buy in to these values. She’ll also discuss the company’s biggest goal and how they get people to strive for and believe in it.

Jobs Aren’t Just a Pay Check Henrik Broman, Founder of ProSales Institute, will look at common misconceptions about millennials and will discuss how to create a win-win situation. By 2020, millennials will make up 35% of the workforce and therefore it is essential that forward-looking companies have effective strategies in place to attract and retain these future leaders.

Tickets: https://www.salesscreen.com/events

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