Kim Jakobsson, Dogu’s new Head of Sales

We’re proud to announce the newest addition to the team. Learn why we believe in the motto “Ingen Kim, ingen kos!”

Kim Jakobsson, Dogu’s new Head of Sales

Dogu is pleased to announce that after many months of interviewing and screening candidates, we have finally found our perfect match. Meet Kim Jakobsson.

Kim has over 13 years of direct sales experience, including 5 years at Eniro in sales and advertising for Kvasir. He also started his own coffee shop, “Kaffekompisene”, which he sold in October 2014, after 6 years of successful business.

Kim joined Dogu because he believes that we are on the leading end of the future of sales software (and rightly so!). When he saw our ad, he immediately knew that this was the position that he wanted and the product that he would like to sell. As he says, “I love the product. It’s genius! I wish I had this product at all of my previous sales jobs. It makes selling so much more engaging, fun, and easy to understand.”

Kim’s immediate goal is to increase the knowledge and visibility of our products to a wider customer audience both nationally and internationally. He believes that hard-work, dedication, customer happiness, and continuing to produce a great product are the keys to success. His long-term goals include building a team of great sellers who have a deep knowledge of the product and ensuring that our loyal customers are well taken care of.

Kim is the type to hit the ground running and we’re glad to have him aboard. His experience, work ethic, and desire to deeply understand existing and potential customers in order to provide solutions that fit their needs is exactly what we have been looking for.

Kim is a very likeable, friendly, honest guy who never gives up and is not afraid to go after big sales. He is always on the go, always looking for new leads, and always finding solutions that work to make our product fit precisely with customer needs.

As he says, “Ingen Kim, ingen kos”. Please join us in congratulating Kim and welcoming him to the Dogu family. This is a huge step forward for him and for us and we very much look forward to closing more sales together.

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