Meet Our New Head of Enterprise Sales

Please join us in welcoming our new Head of Enterprise Sales, Paul Arnould. Paul joined SalesScreen on 8 April in our Oslo office.


Head of Marketing - April 12, 2019

“I wish to be inspired by colleagues who want to learn everyday and transform challenges into opportunities while having fun.'

Oslo, Norway —  Paul brings his unique expertise, enthusiasm and “bad French humor” to the SalesScreen team.

Dave: What is your work education/work background?

Paul: I hold a Masters in International Business from Grenoble Ecole de Management and a Bachelor in Business Administration specialized in Finance from BI Norwegian Business School. I am a young Sales & Marketing professional with six years of experience drawn from diverse sectors (aeronautics, financial services, energy/chemicals, advertising, consumer goods) countries (France, USA, Sweden, Norway) and cultures (startups and multinationals).

Dave: What are some of your hobbies?

Paul: I love to “gå på tur” with a tent in the Norwegian mountains, or around the globe with my passport and camera.

Dave: Why did you choose to work for SalesScreen?

Paul: I have always been attracted by the excellence and culture of the SalesScreen team ever since I stumbled upon the company 2 years ago. I wish to be inspired by colleagues who want to learn everyday and transform challenges into opportunities while having fun. I also want to be surrounded by people who embrace collaboration as well as creativity, and encourage the iteration of ideas, transparency and open dialogues.

For all these reasons, SalesScreen is the perfect career choice for an internationally inspired and challenging future in a successful SaaS Scale-up.

Dave: What are your expectations of working here?

Paul: I expect some hard work, a lot of fun, and countless opportunities to learn and grow with my colleagues and clients.

Dave: What unique qualities or skills do you bring to the table?

Paul: I master the art of speaking English with the infamous and charming “French accent”, thus, it makes selling a bit less challenging than usual :) On a more serious note, I also bring bad French humor.

Dave: Have you ever worked for a startup? Are you excited about it?

Paul: Yes, I have. I’ve always been attracted by the flexibility and agility of startups, however, I’ve quickly understood how those attributes could sometimes come at the expense of performance and work-life balance. Thus, I’m super excited to join a startup again, but mainly because SalesScreen is a unique structured, successful and generous “startup”.

Dave: Describe your personality.

Paul: Far from being shy, I love to interact and grow relationships with others, nonetheless, I also know when and how to listen to the introvert side of my personality. I tend to set high standards for myself and others, however, a form of intellectual laziness makes me very bad at cooking and learning Norwegian.

Dave: What's your favorite quote?

Paul: ''I know that I know nothing' – Socrates


Bio: Paul Arnould is 29-years-old and comes from Paris, France. He graduated from Grenoble Ecole de Management with a Masters in International Business. In his free time, he enjoys adventures, photography and travelling.

Norwegian summer Paul \t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t Norwegian winter Paul

Happy Paul on top of a pass in Nepal


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