Meet Our New Software Engineer

Please join us in welcoming our new Software Engineer, Sondre Lucas Follesø. Sondre joined SalesScreen on 1 October in our Oslo office.


CMO - October 18, 2018

'I’ve always been fond of computers, and consider programming to be a hobby of mine, even though I already spend most of my work hours programming.'

Oslo, Norway —  Sondre brings his passion and expertise for programming, as well as innovation to the SalesScreen team.

Dave: What is your work education/work background?

Sondre: I graduated from NTNU with a M.Sc in Computer Science in 2014. During my last two years at NTNU I worked part time at Dogu and with the first versions of SalesScreen. I moved to Oslo after I graduated and started working as a consultant at Capra Consulting. I’ve spent the last four years specialising in frontend development.

Dave: What are some of your hobbies?

Sondre: I like spending time with family and friends. I’ve always been fond of computers, and consider programming to be a hobby of mine, even though I already spend most of my work hours programming. During the winter I like to snowboard, but I don’t get that much time to go to the slopes anymore.

Dave: Why did you choose to work for SalesScreen?

Sondre: I think it’s a very interesting product, with a very exciting time ahead. And as a developer at SalesScreen I’ll be able to use modern technologies in the day-to-day work. I also get to work and spend more time with many of my friends.

Dave: What are your expectations of working here?

Sondre: I expect to get a fun and friendly work environment among very talented coworkers. I also expect to have an influence on the technological choices, especially concerning frontend.

Dave: What unique qualities or skills do you bring to the table?

Sondre: I have a long experience with building and maintaining large and complex frontend applications. I believe I can use this experience to ensure further growth for the SalesScreen service.

Dave: Have you ever worked for a startup? Are you excited about it?

Sondre: I was part of Dogu from its very beginning, but a lot has changed during the four years I was a consultant. I do appreciate that SalesScreen is a small company, which makes it easy to know everyone and for my voice to be heard.

Dave: Describe your personality.

Sondre: I think of myself as a bit of a perfectionist. I like to get things right the first time around and not have to do things over again.


Bio: Sondre is 29-years-old and comes from Bergen, Norway. He attended NTNU and graduated with a M.Sc in Computer Science. During his free time, he enjoys working with computers, hanging out with family and friends and snowboarding.


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