Sales Performance Management Software

What can your SPM software do for you? Learn why SalesScreen is the best fit.

Sales Performance Management Software

The best sales performance management software does more than just monitor the performance of your employees. It should also encourage staff and motivate them to reach their KPIs. That is exactly what SalesScreen does. We make work more enjoyable through gamification and allow you to track all relevant data in real time.

Equip your team with the best sales performance management software

SalesScreen is the best sales performance management software a manager can be equipped with. This easy to use web application offers you a convenient dashboard to gather data on important metrics in real time. This tool allows you to generate reports and to integrate your CRM. Our many templates can be used to visualize the progress of your sales team and their targets. You can even customize them to suit your preference.

Augment performance and strengthen bonds between team members

Through its gamification elements, our SalesScreen sales performance management software is an excellent tool to accelerate performance and to motivate your sales team. It even strengthens bonds between colleagues by encouraging a little friendly competition. The unique battle mode in our sales performance management software allows two colleagues to see who can make the most calls, close the most deals and more. The software even allows you to host team competitions.

Monitor and reward employee performance with our software

Has one of your sales reps reached an important milestone? Why not reward them with a gift from the company web shop and recognize their achievement by linking SalesScreen to the company TV. These are just some of the ways our software can help you as team leader to encourage your staff. Find out more and request a demo.

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