Salesforce World Tour — Amsterdam

Here’s a brief recap of our experience at SFWT this week.

Salesforce World Tour — Amsterdam

Over the last couple of years, we’ve had a blast building an incredible product, selling it to some of the leading companies in the world and continuing to refine and perfect it. This week, we got to show it off to a whole new audience in Amsterdam.

We were proud to be Silver level sponsors of the event, which gave us a turnkey booth, signage, and place for a monitor. The event was extremely professional and well run with good amounts of space and a pretty fair layout for all sponsor levels. Customers, partners, and everyone else mingled about, chatted and exchanged thoughts and feedback. Salesforce World Tour — Amsterdam

We generated a good number of leads, which of course was a core motivator for us. We found the crowd to be highly interested in our product with lots of questions. It was definitely a benefit for us to connect to such a specific group of potential customers all in one place.

There was plenty of food, drinks, games, exhibits, workshops, keynotes and panels to keep everyone entertained throughout the day. Guests wandered about and were generally happy to discuss their business, their pain points and their motivations for attending the conference. Salesforce World Tour — Amsterdam

Perhaps a highlight was meeting with our ISV partner manager face-to-face. It’s always good to have a warm handshake and a smile to go along with all of the dozens of emails that get sent.

So, in essence of keeping this short, SFWT was a good conference and we are confident we will see positive ROI. Plus, we got a good amount of branding and promotion time, along with some networking with ISV staff. We hope that everyone who attended had as much fun as we did. Salesforce World Tour — Amsterdam

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