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SalesScreen 2022: A Year in Review

2022 is basically in the books, and I am very excited to be standing on the other side stronger, more agile, and more client-focused than ever. SalesScreen has seen some serious shifts over the past year, from new big promotions to a slew of new product updates, and we couldn’t have done it without our amazing team and feedback from our clients. Thank you all for your hard work, your continued trust in our business, and for continuing to love the game! Here are some of the biggest announcements, moments, and more from what turned out to be one wild year.

G2 Reviews Rule

Customers oftentimes say it best, and on G2, you can see exactly what a company’s current clients actually think of them. We had our best year yet on G2, continuing our 7-quarter streak as leaders in sales gamification as well as becoming top performers for companies from small businesses to enterprise-level clients. Our customers have been winning with gamification to motivate their teams, increase productivity, and drastically boost accountability across the board. Thank you to all of our clients who left us reviews on G2! We really appreciate your honest feedback, guidance, and insights into our product.

Dana Mirabella Announced as New CRO

SalesScreen has seen more than our fair share of great minds join our ranks, and this year, we saw our own Dana Mirabella get promoted from the CSM team up to Chief Revenue Officer. I think I speak for all of us when I say that we are thrilled to have such a driven, intelligent, and kind woman join our leadership team. Not only that, but Dana also welcomed a new baby this year. So congratulations to her on all fronts, and we are excited to see what she brings into 2023!

Annual Company Retreat 

The covid years were rough for us here at SalesScreen. We love a good summer retreat, and having to skip that trip has not been fun. Luckily, this year we finally got to jump on some planes, get back together, and dance the night away in Barcelona. From the dance floor to the delicious dinners, it was GREAT to finally get to be back in person with the entire team. I’ll spare you all some of the more embarrassing pictures (you know who you are) but rest assured, we all had a great time.

Product Updates Everywhere

Rewards Shop

The rewards shop got a major update this year with a new look and feel, enhanced customizability, and quality-of-life improvements that make requesting and approving rewards easier and faster than ever. With a focus on reducing setup time for managers and streamlining the user experience to allow reps to easily save, filter, and search for their desired rewards, our rewards shop has never been better.


Competitions have always been a crucial component of gamification and are easily one of the most used features of our platform. This is why we released a new and more detailed competition page that makes running competitions easier, more engaging, and with more strategic insight into competition outcomes. We also added new features, like our nemesis feature, that allows sales reps to pick their personal nemesis in any given competition to really set their sights on who they want to beat.


Achievements are one of the best ways to motivate your team, so we added a dedicated space for them to live in the platform, added new functionality, and drilled down into how they work best. Most notably, we introduced Streaks, which highlights when reps have unlocked the same achievement consecutively, like hitting their daily call goals. It also gives managers a way to call out those high performers in company-wide meetings. Reps can also share these achievements on social media, and who doesn’t like sharing out those major milestones?

Our Latest Guides

2022 was another one for the history books, and the content we created was a direct reflection of the year we had. The stress of employees being overworked and underappreciated for years finally came to a head last year. Our burnout guide dives into how you can foster an environment of health, wellness, and motivation for your team while inspiring them to stay with the rewards they actually want. Continuing on that idea, there have been very few times in modern history when job seekers had such massive leverage over companies. Our culture guide goes through how you can build a better culture for your company to motivate your middle performers and retain your top talent.

All in all, 2022 was a wild ride of a year that we are thrilled to have come out on top of. We can’t wait to see what next year brings, but we know we will meet it full force, head-on, and with the right team to overcome it all. Thank you once again to our clients and our amazing team, here’s to 2023!

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