SalesScreen Retreat 2019

Teams that celebrate together, stay together. So, to celebrate how far we have come, the SalesScreen team is off to Spain for some sun, fun and team building.

SalesScreen Retreat 2019

Retreats are powerful for bringing teams together in a fun, engaging and adventurous way. It can enable us to think out-of-the-box, generate momentum and get to know our colleagues on a whole new level.

We often discuss what it takes to build a successful company with great company culture. And since our goal at SalesScreen is to help build happier and more productive workplaces all around the world, we think it’s essential to practice what we preach. We believe that company culture is the key to driving great performance and that recognition and celebrations build great culture.

So, in order to celebrate as a team we are heading to…Barcelona!


Day 1 will consist of lots of workshops, year-in-review, planning, and roadmaps for moving forward. In the evening, there will be a group dinner and wine tasting.

Day 2 will include basking in the Catalonian sun, a “friendly” tennis competition, Petanque and a BBQ dinner.

Day 3 can include anything from swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, exploring the city, golfing or simply chilling at the hotel. Then, a group dinner and team-building exercises.

Day 4 will be a company brunch before we head back home refreshed and ready to get back to work–full of new and exciting ideas.

SalesScreen Retreat 2019

At SalesScreen, we feel that our people are the most important investment we can make. Our close-knit team is the reason behind any of our success as a company thus far, and this will continue to be true as we scale up. And in fact, it will be more important than ever to stay connected as a team as we grow and expand across the globe.

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