SalesScreen Selected as Finalist for Best Product Category at Sales Innovation Expo

We’re proud to announce that we’ve been selected as a Finalist in the Best Product Category for the 2017 Sales Innovation Expo in London on March 28 & 29.

SalesScreen Selected as Finalist for Best Product Category at Sales Innovation Expo

Here’s a bit about the passion behind our product, what sets us apart and why we believe we’re a strong contender to WIN! SalesScreen Selected as Finalist for Best Product Category at Sales Innovation Expo

Building a product we believe in

At SalesScreen, we work hard to make the best possible product to engage and motivate sales teams. We don’t rely on empty promises or cheap marketing tactics to get it done. In fact, since the company is completely employee owned, everyone here has a vested interest in our long-term success.

Not only do we want to succeed, but we also “eat our own dogfood”… and what we mean by that is that every single feature is developed, tested, and then used by our own sales, marketing and customer support teams. We believe that if it doesn’t meet our standards, it shouldn’t become a public feature. We love to test and use our own product. It ensures that everyone has a deep understanding of the system and it allows us to “Think like a customer”.

Here are just a few of the reasons why we test and use our own product:

  • It ensures that everyone here knows the system inside out, which is essential because everyone from design to marketing to development to sales must have an intimate understanding of what the product is capable of and how it functions for the end-users.
  • It is our way of ensuring that we are providing the *best possible product to every single one of our customers.
  • It gets us thinking like a sales or support rep, so that we are designing products targeted exactly towards our user base.
  • It builds internal confidence in our product and our mission, which is to make sales and customer service more fun for people all around the world.

The idea behind SalesScreen

Every sales rep needs two things: money and recognition. While financial incentive programs are fairly straightforward, recognition is often sorely lacking. Many sales teams have tried for decades to provide recognition through the use of white boards, sales bells and competitions. However, each of these share a few flaws: they’re only visible in one office at a time, they’re time consuming and they’re often difficult to set up and manage properly. A truly dedicated sales manager spends hours each week on these tasks, often making them feel like there’s just not enough hours in the workday to get everything done. SalesScreen Selected as Finalist for Best Product Category at Sales Innovation Expo

Gamification has received mixed reviews in its ability to solve this problem; however, that’s because gamification is often just a gimmick where people throw together a few ranks and badges and maybe a leaderboard and call it a day. Rather than taking this approach, our system has been built from the ground up solely on the feedback and requests of actual sales managers.

We understand that the key to sales is driving more activity on specific KPIs. We also understand that if sales organizations don’t properly recognize and reward performance, then someone else will and their sales people will leave them. This is particularly true for the millennial generation, who put more value on recognition and company culture than any other previous generation and who will make up more than 50% of the global workforce in 2020. We’ve actually just written a 30-page eBook on Motivating Millennials in the workforce, in order to provide research and insight into this important factor.

What makes us the BEST sales management product?

So, what sets us apart? First, our system is extremely flexible and can measure just about any sales activity. Each account is custom-tailored to fit the needs and goals of the organization, allowing them to drive performance on their specific KPIs. Second, we go far beyond ranks, badges and leaderboards. From sales contests to milestone event celebrations and more, we’ve implemented logic, chance and variation into the system so that almost anything that’s possible in a regular office is also possible in SalesScreen. Third, we know that understanding the data is key to driving performance. So, our system includes a full dashboard that makes data easy to understand. SalesScreen provides custom user dashboards that can be populated with hundreds of personalized KPI trackers, budgets, graphs, comparison charts and more. SalesScreen Selected as Finalist for Best Product Category at Sales Innovation Expo

SalesScreen is not just a gamification platform, it is a sales management tool that allows organization to set KPIs, track performance, reward progress, increase activity and ultimately drive growth and decrease churn. We have conducted extensive research into how to combine data with gamification and have even written an 80 page eBook on the topic. In addition, our product has been proven to increase sales revenue by up to 300% in a single year.

We believe that SalesScreen is a strong contender for the 2017 Sales Innovation Expo’s Best Product category because of the ingenuity and design of our product. In addition, we feel that our growth and performance as a 100% employee owned and bootstrapped startup says volumes about our work ethic, character, and devotion to making a product that provides incredible ROI.

We’re are thrilled to be selected as a finalist for the Sales Innovation Expo 2017 Best Product category and we hope you’ll join us in celebrating!

SalesScreen Selected as Finalist for Best Product Category at Sales Innovation Expo

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