We’re on a #1 Sales Gamification Winning Streak in G2’s Spring Report! 😎 
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SalesScreen Stays Sizzling In The Summer G2 Report

The summer G2 report is out and we are pumped to once again be a top solution for sales gamification, coaching, and sales performance management. For 6 quarters and counting, we have been leading the sales gamification and sales performance management categories. So let’s sit back, sip our margaritas, and dive into the data.

SalesScreen Stands Out

This quarter, SalesScreen has continued our climb in sales gamification, sales coaching, enterprise solutions, and sales performance management. We love climbing this mountain, and our customers are our sherpas. Your feedback, reviews, and partnership have helped us hone our skills and go from an angsty teenage tech company to the full suite of services we are today.

We are proud to once again be named a leader in sales gamification and a high performer for performance management. Our amazing customers also named us highest-rated for enterprise scalability and likelihood to recommend across multiple categories. A huge shoutout to our CSM team and thank you to everyone who has reviewed us on G2 and use SalesScreen for their own teams. Here are a few of our favorite ratings from the summer G2 release:

  • 98% Likelihood to Recommend
  • 93% Product Going in the Right Direction
  • 93% Meets Requirements
  • 93% Ease of Admin
  • 97% Ease of Doing Business With
  • 97% Quality of Support
  • 92% Ease of Setup
  • 92% Ease of Use
  • 94 Net Promoter Score

When Sales Plays You Win

Quarter over quarter, we have seen steady growth in sales gamification, which should come as no surprise given that we have thrived in this category for over a decade. We have focused on what makes us great, namely our scalability and ease of implementation. This is directly reflected in the G2 data, with users ranking us #1 in enterprise scalability and user, role, and access management among all gamification leaders. We grow with you, make your life easier, and have a customer service team that walks you through every step of the way. With SalesScreen, your managers are never alone!

Overall, and across companies of all sizes, we also ranked highest in average user adoption rate and performance and reliability.

Do or do not, We Only Thrive

Sales performance management is always one of the most important pain points for our customers, which is why our platform focuses on simplified dashboards, data visualization, and competitions as a whole. We are thrilled to have received user satisfaction rankings at or above 92% across the board.

Even with SalesScreen, it can get complex, some things we needed Bjorn(SalesScreen CSM) to help us. Sometimes you need a sales developer, but the thing is you made it so easy - 10 minutes and it's done. I send an email and it's done. It's immediate.” - Michael Rosetti, Head of SDR, Ocean.io

We are also the top leader in dashboard personalization, sitting at a 98% satisfaction rating, and ranking at or above 92% for badges, triggers, and leaderboards. 

Calling Plays That Turn Around Teams

Coaching is extremely important for sales teams, and we have worked tirelessly to build a competitive coaching module. With satisfaction ratings sitting at 92% or above across the board, our sales coaching module continues to be one of the highest-rated by users. Most notably, 97% of users were likely to recommend us for coaching, and 100% of reviewers felt like we were heading in the right direction. We love talking about the potential of our coaching modules, some of our sales reps even used to be coaches! (We’re talking about you, Joe 😉)

Our sales coaching satisfaction ratings included:

  • 97% scorecard rating
  • 100% leaderboard rating
  • 94% real-time update functionality
  • 95% notification capability
  • 96% competition satisfaction

User adoption is crucial to a good implementation. I highly suggest leveraging the expertise and guidance of the SalesScreen success managers, then run the play!” - Josh Harmatz, Executive VP of Mortgage Production, GoodLeap

We look forward to continuing to push the industry forward, growing as a company, and seeing what the future holds! Thank you to all of our users who have left us reviews and a massive thank you to our CSM team who work so hard to create the amazing customer service we are so known for. If you want to help tell our story, think about leaving a review on our G2 page here.

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