SalesScreen Top 5 Sales Motivation Videos - December 2018

With SalesScreen, you can now celebrate all your achievements with a YouTube video. Here are our top 5 picks for December…

SalesScreen Top 5 Sales Motivation Videos - December 2018

Recognizing hard work and celebrating achievements is one of the most motivating features about SalesScreen. Having your name and custom song show up on TV screens throughout the office is a fun and rewarding way to highlight your activities and milestones–together with your colleagues. In fact, “organizations that give regular recognition experience 31% lower voluntary turnover” according to an OfficeVibe poll.

Now SalesScreen has introduced YouTube celebrations, so that you can upload a video to play when you complete an activity. So for some inspiration, here are our top 5 videos for sales motivation in December.

1 – Christmas Vacation Lights Scene HD

Start time: 2:05

This all-time classic shows the moment when Clark Griswold finally turns on the Christmas lights. This is the face you should make when you close that big deal and your SalesScreen music starts playing up on the TVs for everyone to see.

2 – Adam Sandler Sings The Hanukkah Song

Start time: 0:41

Whatever holiday you celebrate, do it with Adam Sandler's kind of enthusiasm. 'The Hanukkah Song' has been a classic that I enjoyed listening to ever since I was a kid. If you want to bring some laughs to the whole office, get this up on the TVs as your celebration.

3 – Christmas at Hogwarts

Start time: 0:00

For our nerds out there (and we've got an office full of them here), there's nothing quite like the Christmas at Hogwarts video. Rock on brave nerds, rock on. 'One morning in mid-December, Hogwarts woke to find itself covered in several feet of snow. The Weasley twins were punished for bewitching several snowballs so that they followed Quirrell around, bouncing off the back of his turban.' - Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

4 – Straight Outta Scranton - The Office US

Start time: 0:00

I mean... what better song to play in the office than this epic Christmas carol from The Office? Sittin' in my office with a plate of grilled bacon Called my man Dwight, just to see what was shakin' Yo, Mike, our town is dope and pretty So check out how we live In the Electric City

5 – Elf, Santa Announcement

Start time: 0:00

Have you ever been this excited? Maybe there's a deal you've been working on for months and it finally closes. Maybe your #1 prospect just agreed to run a demo or pilot of your product in their main offices. Whatever it is... This is probably how you feel, so let the whole office know.

Upload one of these – or any other video of your choice – and start celebrating with your colleagues today! (Hurry up, do it before your colleagues take them!)

To upload a YouTube clip to your SalesScreen profile, just follow this simple help guide:

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