SalesScreen Top 5 Sales Motivation Videos - February, 2019

Love is in the air–along with a new set of YouTube celebrations…


Marketing Assistant - January 30, 2019

41% of companies that use peer-to-peer recognition have seen positive increases in customer satisfaction.”

With SalesScreen YouTube celebrations, you can show-off all your achievements and celebrate together with your colleagues. Check out these mad cool videos that will ensure your accomplishments don’t ever go unnoticed.

1 – The Carters–Apes**t

Start time: 4:59

An epic video from an epic power couple. This will surely remind your colleagues how much you are kicking ass when they see this pop on up their screens.

2 – Crazy Drummer

Start time: 2:49

Recognize your accomplishments and milestones with the ultimate viral video.

3 – Ron Swanson Drinking Lagavulin by Fire

Start time: 20:05

For those who want a more chill celebration. Ron Swanson always gives off a quiet, yet strong sense of confidence–perfect to channel in your work life and to “humbly” celebrate your many achievements.

4 – More Cowbell

Start time: 0:00

Haven’t you ever wanted to feel as free as Will Ferrell in More Cowbell?

5 – Michael Scott - Dance Off With Himself

Start time: 0:24

Exude as much pure joy with your on-screen celebrations as Michael Scott having a dance off with himself after finding out that the love of his life is single again.


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