SalesScreen Top 5 Sales Motivation Videos - May, 2019

May we offer up some new celebration videos? Check out our Norwegian-inspired ideas for this month.

SalesScreen Top 5 Sales Motivation Videos - May, 2019

It’s midway through Q2, and a fitting time for a motivation boost throughout your office. When everyone is just going through the motions of their daily grind, it can be all too easy to let achievements that deserve some recognition get overlooked. TV screen celebrations make sure that doesn’t happen and help to inject some excitement into the workday.

Since Norway’s Constitution day is May 17th–and since we are a company founded in Norway, by Norwegians–we thought it would be a perfect month for some Norwegian-themed YouTube videos. Vær så god!

1 – a-ha - Take On Me (Official Music Video)

Start time: 0:53

The iconic 80’s hit from Norwegian band, a-ha, is a great selection for your new celebration video this month. Guaranteed to bring some laughs when someone in the office inevitably tries to sing along.

2 – Grandiosa Full Pakke

Start time: 0:18

Make sure your accomplishments never go unnoticed with one of the catchiest songs about pizza you will ever hear.

Fun fact: Grandiosa is considered the unofficial national dish of Norway.

3 – Kygo - Stole The Show feat. Parson James

Start time: 2:38

Kygo is definitely one of the most well-known Norwegians worldwide, with an abundance of viral hits. Between his signature sound and astronauts dancing at a house party, this video is sure to make you well-known around the office as well.

4 – Petter Northug relay thug life

Start time: 1:15

What would a Norway-themed month be without a video of Petter Northug? And when you want to brag about your achievements, Petter’s iconic race finishes are a fitting way to do so.

5 – 'Let It Swing' or 'La Det Swinge' - Bobbysocks

Start time: 0:38

Celebrate your wins with this Eurovision Song Contest win from Norway in 1985.


Upload one of these – or any other video of your choice – and start celebrating with your colleagues today! (Hurry up, do it before your colleagues take them!)

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