SalesScreen UPDATES - December

A quick look at just a few of our updates from this past month.


CMO - January 15, 2018

Personal themes

As an attempt to introduce more 'gamification' to the core of SalesScreen, we've decided to introduce personal themes that can be unlocked as the individual user progresses. New themes can be unlocked by carrying out certain tasks (e.g., creating your first battle). This update is currently in final development but will be live in the near future.

Improving webpage

Our webpage is currently undergoing both design and content changes. We hope to make it more visually appealing, more efficient and more useful to interested customers. It's being built from the ground up with newer technology and tools.


A new 'Rewards' feature is in development, which allows SalesScreen users to earn 'coins' for completing certain actions/events (e.g., winning a competition or achieving quota). Users can then spend these coins on products located in the new 'Rewards' section of SalesScreen ('Rewards' are determined and provided by the company itself).

As an example, a company admin can upload the following products; a soda (worth 10 coins), a pair of movie tickets (worth 100 coins) and a holiday trip to New York (worth 2500 coins). The individual users can save up coins and spend them as they wish within the webshop. Products can also be time-limited, like the Holiday trip, for instance.

Referral Program

SalesScreen now allows customers to refer their personal contacts who may benefit from using SalesScreen. In return, the customers are rewarded if the referral lead turns into a customer. SalesScreen UPDATES - December


For some of our bigger customers, the need/want to group teams together has been present for a while. Departments lets you do just that. Customers can group multiple teams into a 'department' and visualize their numbers on widgets, slides and competitions. The initial version lets you create and modify departments, as well as visualize them on slides and widgets. Support for this feature will be increased incrementally. (*Note: This feature is for Enterprise customers only) For managers with many separated 'teams', Enterprise customers can now create 'Departments'. SalesScreen UPDATES - December


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