A quick look at just a few of our updates this month.


Company feed

In November, we redesigned the company feed so that you can see more competition details in your web browser, such as competitors, prizes and winners. We also added an emoji picker so that you can react to messages with emojis, just as you do when texting friends or using social media. You can also edit your text with bullet points, italics, etc. SALESSCREEN UPDATES - November

Sugar CRM integration

SalesScreen can now integrate directly with SugarCRM orgs and receive data either through pulling (REST API) or pushing (webhooks). The integration lets users choose which SugarCRM modules/entities should be visualized in SalesScreen and also allows them to define customizable filters. The integration also supports synchronization of deleted records.

'Quick Add' competitions

Quick Add competitions allow you to quickly create sales competitions the same way you can quickly add events and slides. Competitions are already easy to setup, but this feature should make it even easier! SALESSCREEN UPDATES - November

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