Solving Finance Pain Points with Sales Gamification

Learn how Sandnes Sparebank is using gamification to modernize their sales teams and drive big results on sales targets.

Solving Finance Pain Points with Sales Gamification

We recently chatted about sales gamification with one of our clients, Sandnes Sparebank–a medium-sized savings bank that focuses on loans, savings and insurance services. The company has 130 employees and a portfolio of approximately USD $2.4 Billion.

Since starting with us in 2017, Sandnes Sparebank has noticed:

  • 2018 was the best year ever in insurance sales
  • 133% increase in new customers for their private sales department
  • Leads from customer service to the insurance sales team over-performed by 150%
  • Downloads of their mobile banking app achieved 200% of their app download target (a key metric for their customer service team)
  • More than 2/3 of the team members state that registering results in SalesScreen is one of their top motivational points during the workday

Before SalesScreen, these were the 4 major pain points that Sandnes Sparebank was experiencing…

Problem: Employees using outdated tools

Solution: Modernize your sales teams with digital leaderboards and real-time feedback and results

One of the most important things for Sandnes Sparebank was replacing their white boards with a digital sales tool that was flexible and could provide updates in real-time.

“We wanted a more visible and results-driven tool to keep track of sales. We wanted to go from old school to new school and put a more positive driven focus on sales where employees can cheer on each other.”

With SalesScreen you are able to make results visible to everyone with slides, leaderboards, likes, comments and you can adjust how many people are showing on the lists–whether it’s the top 3 or 5 or the entire company.

Problem: Not enough visibility or recognition

Solution: Use TV screens to draw attention to achievements and important company information

By using TV screen celebrations throughout the office, Sandnes Sparebank was able to create company-wide interest in their sales process, with colleagues cheering them on towards new milestones and even making friendly bets on when they would hit their next targets. Not only was there more transparency about all company goings-on, but an increased sense of excitement and motivation to see what’s going to pop-up on screen next.

“We had other bank divisions who are not SalesScreen users coming in last year and actually watching our TV screens and making bets on “when will they reach $100M USD in new loans?”, for instance. Before, the other divisions never had any understanding or interest in what we were doing… and now they’re betting wine or lunch on when we hit new milestones. It’s really funny!”

Solving Finance Pain Points with Sales Gamification

Problem: Lack of focus on the right metrics

Solution: Drive behavior on key activities with competitions

KPIs are great, but what’s the point if you are measuring unimportant metrics, or your employees are not focusing on the right activities? Customizable competitions are an effective and fun way to drive behavior where it matters, and help everyone to surpass their goals along the way.

“SalesScreen allows us to easily focus on new campaigns or different targets throughout the year with competitions, slides, countdowns and other features.”

Problem: Little awareness from management

Solution: Create a better overview of data with customizable dashboards

Without proper awareness and real-time data visualization, it can be difficult for management to provide guidance, feedback and encouragement to their teams. Dashboards give managers (and employees) a clear picture of company, team and individual data that they can then utilize to compare results, predict outcomes and ultimately improve sales performance.

“The tool makes it easy for the upper management team to track, monitor and involve themselves in the sales process.”

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