Feed Your Team's Engagement

Taking a look at our 'new' newsfeed features and updates.

Feed Your Team's Engagement

When SalesScreen debuted the social feed in our platform several years ago, we knew that it was going to be a big proponent for creating engagement and fostering camaraderie. And since its release, it has been. The social feed is often the first place users check and is always lighting up with posts, comments, and GIFs. However, in the past few years, as we’ve grown and brought on more users, we’ve seen that the feed was no longer living up to its full potential.

So we decided to give things a little upgrade.

Social feeds are an integral part of all platforms that are designed for user engagement. This makes perfect sense because feeds are built with that very purpose. When we think about content that lives on a platform, for the most part, that content is static. But that doesn’t mean activity isn’t happening. Having a one-stop-shop for all your sales organization’s activity keeps up momentum, morale, and gives employees a reason to check in, increasing the amount of time being spent on the platform. And spending more time goes hand-in-hand with engagement—strong impressions lead to strong engagement. And who doesn’t want to celebrate with a funny GIF when a co-worker closes a big deal? Or to have some banter when you lose in a competition?

While social feeds can be fun, there can also be a downside. We call it...feed fatigue. This is when the feed is just too overwhelming, packed with too much information, and none of it relevant to you. Feed fatigue means you won’t want to like or comment, instead you simply ignore the posts and scroll on. In order for the social feed to be successful, it’s important that the content actually matters to the people that are seeing it. Otherwise, it just becomes an endless stream of irrelevant information.

This becomes especially important in larger, enterprise companies. The granularity of the feed needs to be on a different level for your own team when compared to all other teams. You want to see the bigger milestones reached, achievements, competition results, and so on. But the day-to-day activity is even more relevant from your own team. Pipeline changes from an SDR team in a different city probably don't attract as much interest as it would if it was someone working closer to your own sales process, but deals above a certain size do.

As part of our feed update, we have added support for multiple feeds in one account. And if content filtering is important to you, but those filters differ from team to team, you can now create bespoke feeds, tailoring the content to the users in that team. We provide precise content filtering options that let you control each different post’s presence in a feed, while at the same time making sure you don't have to bother with lots of configuration options.

We have also updated the visuals of the feed posts. The aim here is to make it easier to separate the different types of feed posts from each other and to offer users a more premium and insightful experience. We are hoping that the new feed increases interactions, and is more engaging and relevant.

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