Thriving on Trust and Client Advocacy

The key to running a successful business lies in how you treat your customers. In this blog, we look at how to get it right.

Thriving on Trust and Client Advocacy

*Why do some organizations thrive in building customer relationships while others fail? How important is it to build trust and ensure long-term client success? What can companies do to create a culture where employees strive to go the extra mile for customer satisfaction daily? *

We sat down with Femke Oosterlinck to learn how companies like Vanad Aloha build an entire business around feedback, referrals and creating thriving relationships.

As a side note, we're holding an entire conference on how to build great company culture. Join us in Oslo on May 24 at MESH. Femke and other great speakers will join us. Tickets are free, but running out fast!

Thriving on Trust and Client Advocacy


Whether closing deals or building relationships, trust is key. When a customer trusts you, they share. They share their KPIs, their doubts, and their plans for the future. This makes them see you as a solution to their problems and as part of the plan to achieve their dreams.

'When a customer trusts you, they share.'

Trust allows you to create long-term customers and achieve tremendous growth because people share your organization with their friends and colleagues.

In building long-term relationships, your customers will keep you even if you make a mistake. They will also bring you with them when they enter new workplaces if they trust you and believe in your product.

Thriving on Trust and Client Advocacy

Treat people well

Treat your employees like you treat your customers.

  1. Engage and interact on a human level with your employees to get to know what drives them.
  2. Offer your employees opportunities for growth. Help them achieve their dreams.

You should be doing these for your customers and your employees. If you treat people well, invest in leadership and allow for professional development then you will build a happy and successful workforce.

Establish credibility and client advocacy

Credibility and trust go hand-in-hand.

  1. Be on time. Show people that you value them and you value their time.
  2. Focus. Do not appear distracted when dealing with clients.
  3. Be prepared. Ask the right questions, never ask questions that are obviously stated on websites, for example, because it shows lack of research.
  4. End with clear follow-up actions. At the end of a good meeting, ensure there is clear structure for next steps.

Be an advocate for your clients

  1. Show empathy. Treat your customers like you would like to be treated. Empathy is key to successful management.
  2. Offer a solid product or service with a consistent high level of service. Treat all customers the same, regardless of account size.
  3. Provide a personal touch. Share a bit about yourself to build real connections.

Thriving on Trust and Client Advocacy

Benefits of happy clients

The benefits are more than just continued revenue. Of course loyal customers result in recurring business but there’s even more to it than that.

Happy customers become brand advocates who help connect you to more potential opportunities.

Truthful feedback is absolutely essential to growth, but people need to care about you enough to give honest feedback, rather than just switching brands. Make sure that you take committed action on feedback.

Advice for customer advocacy

'Put the client first. You have to give before you can get. Your job is to take care of people.'

Remember that your clients expect top-quality from you at all times. You need to deliver daily.

Also, happy employees who feel creative and empowered and will strive to use their skills to help people and grow the business. Caring about people is just common sense.

***'Happiness is contagious.' ***

A job is more than just a pay check. It’s a set of values, it’s something you build, it’s the people you spend time with, it’s what allows you to grow as an individual.

Join us on May 24 in Oslo as Femke discusses trust and client advocacy at C2, our conference on company culture.

Thriving on Trust and Client Advocacy

On May 24 at MESH in Oslo, Brian Reijngoud and Femke Oosterlinck, from VANAD Aloha, will talk about the importance of building trust and putting the customer first. They will discuss why humans are the most important asset to any business and how to invest in them more in order to breed dreams, passion and ambition that result in lifelong relationships for mutual success.

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