Using Recognition to Boost Employee Performance in Q4

Acknowledging achievements and celebrating milestones together is an important part of any happy workplace. So how can employee recognition help your bottom line?

Using Recognition to Boost Employee Performance in Q4

Recognizing your employees for their hard work is essential – not only for employee satisfaction levels but also for your company's bottom line. Happy employees perform better, stay longer and contribute to a more positive work environment. Here are our top 5 ways that employee recognition can contribute to a happier and more profitable workplace and sales team.

Build stronger sales culture through daily recognition

A good sales culture is an important part of any organization – that it can influence everything from performance and profitability to employee engagement and turnover rates. One way to quickly strengthen your company culture is through daily recognition. People crave acknowledgment for their efforts – both from their peers and their managers – and a little can really go a long way. Try out a simple “way to go!” or “you’re appreciated” and begin to build a culture of respect and appreciation in the office. Better yet, take an honest interest in the daily projects to help your team feel like their work truly matters.

Use screen celebrations to connect offices

In today’s modern business world, it can often be difficult to keep everyone connected. Screen celebrations are a fun way to make sure achievements and important milestones never go unnoticed and to make sure that everyone is on the same page, no matter where they are. So, when Jim closes a deal or Erin makes a customer happy on support, SalesScreen ensures that employees are noticed and appreciated for their hard work. Custom YouTube celebrations are broadcast to TV screens across all offices, which creates excitement, and motivation, and lets the whole team in on their personal success!

Boost employee motivation with rewards

Sometimes people need a little incentive to increase their activity and complete key tasks. Implementing an employee rewards program is an effective and cost-efficient way to boost employee motivation and drive behavior on important KPIs. When introducing a rewards program, aim to find out what actually motivates your employees. Get to know them, talk to them one-on-one, take a survey and find out what meaningful rewards look like to them. Remember, if you offer rewards that your employees have no desire for, it will certainly not result in an increase in motivation.

Implement TV screens to increase awareness

Aside from projecting celebrations on your TV screens, you can use your TVs to keep your sales teams informed and up to speed. With SalesScreen, you can create customized slides to project real-time data throughout your office(s) during the day. Not only is this useful in regards to cultivating an open, transparent work atmosphere, but employees are also significantly more motivated when they are kept in the loop and feel like their work is purposeful and actually having an impact.

Reduce turnover with personalized appreciation

As we discussed earlier, building a culture of appreciation is important for increasing employee engagement and motivation–and of course, for reducing employee turnover. With such a massive potential revenue loss constantly looming in the form of potential turnover, motivating your low and middle performers to go further, and, more importantly, sticking with it, is more important than ever. Keep your sales team motivated, engaged, and in the loop with sales gamification. You won’t believe just how much adding in a little fun can impact your morale, culture, and overall profitability.

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