Welcome a brand new Dogu

Today it is with great pride that we are introducing Dogu’s first major rebranding since 2011.

Welcome a brand new Dogu

Two weeks ago, the whole Dogu team left for a well deserved 3-days company retreat in the Norwegian mountains. We knew how important it was to take some time away from our desks in order to reflect on our journey started 3 and half years ago and to decide which path we want to walk for the years to come.

We were aware that we have gone a long way, that what we have achieved was worthy of both collective pride and individual humbleness, but we needed to sit back and look at the hard facts black on white. So we crushed the numbers and were stunned by what we saw. Could you believe that in 2014, we developed and launched:

  • SalesScreen from scratch
  • LiveScreen V2 from scratch
  • 30 websites, mobile applications or software solutions

We multiplied our revenues by more than 25 since 2012, the recurring revenues of our own products by 6 and opened a new office in Oslo

Lastly it is worth mentioning that all of this was accomplished while being profitable and with 6 of us delivering their master thesis last June.

While we could of course not hold our smiles while looking at this picture, we at Dogu are all in this for the long haul and we know that we should not rest on our laurels. Hence we promptly started to discuss the next chapter for Dogu. What do we want to do? Where should we put our energy and best leverage our current momentum? What do we wish Dogu to become? We talked it through and all agreed upon an audacious yet compeling strategy to which our board of directors gave its approval. But there was one last thing which needed to be aligned with our grand plans: Dogu’s brand itself.

Today it is with great pride that we are introducing Dogu’s first major rebranding since 2011. Welcome a brand new Dogu

We wanted our logo and mission statement to encapsule what Dogu is all about. Dogu’s figurine has been the emblem of the company since the very begining and everyone here feels deeply attached to it. So rethinking a new logo was no easy task. But we believe that there is beauty in simplicity and that while keeping the essence of Dogu’s emblem, we aimed at reducing, simplifying, purifying our logo. What our very talented designer came up with achieves this to perfection.

Our mission statement too had to be realigned with our strategy forward while remaining as simple as possible. These three words ”Norwegian digital craftsmanship” we think describe perfectly who we are, what we do and how we look and approach our work.

We hope that you’ll like our new identity as much as we do. It will progressively be rolled out in the weeks to come.

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