Welcome to SalesScreen’s New Offices

We are excited to announce the launch of our new offices in New York City and Singapore.

Welcome to SalesScreen’s New Offices

Ever since SalesScreen began as a small tech start-up in Trondheim, we have had ambitions to expand worldwide. With offices in the Nordics and Europe–and a growing customer base across the globe–it makes sense that we start to explore more locations. USA and Asia both offer an abundance of opportunities and we believe this will be a perfect fit for what we do.

This year we continued building our relationships in these regions with the opening of an office in New York City and Singapore. Our CEO, Sindre Haaland, joined our new and existing team members in the NYC office in June, while Customer Success Specialist, Vidar Haaland headed to Singapore to get everything off the ground. Additional employees and new hires will follow shortly after.


New York City is an international hub for business, with many networking opportunities available at your doorstep. And after spending some time there and beginning to build business relationships, Sindre knew that this was the next logical step in the SalesScreen growth story.

“NYC can easily be named the capital of the world. The amount of business and decision making happening in this city every day is mind-boggling. For us to truly live out our vision of becoming a global leader within our niche, we need to be where the action happens and the decisions are being made.”

Establishing an office in NYC is not only essential to our success in the US market, but it also allows our NYC based employees to be more accessible to our headquarters and employees in Europe. Having a 6 hour time difference (rather than 9 hours as we had previously) means that we can join meetings at the same time and improve communication between all offices.

Welcome to SalesScreen’s New Offices

The NYC office will be inspired by the city–ambitious, energetic and bold. We are extremely grateful to make New York one of our new homes, and we look forward to what it will bring.


Singapore is quickly becoming a technology capital, both in Asia and worldwide. It is full of innovation and promising startups and has even been referred to as a “miniature Silicon Valley” by the CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. And among the many benefits of expanding there–modern IT infrastructure, excellent IP protection and a highly-skilled talent pool–we also believe it is important to follow where our clients are.

We have already started to build relationships with clients in Asia, and we want to make sure that we are readily available to them and able to provide top-quality support at all times. SalesScreen is about empowering teams to perform at their best, and we know that this decision will empower our team to do the same.

“It will be very exciting to see how SalesScreen can affect the Singaporean market because I think we have something that fits them very well.”

Welcome to SalesScreen’s New Offices

The Singapore office will encompass the spirit of the island–innovative, diverse and friendly. We are thankful to Singapore for welcoming us, and we can’t wait to begin our journey there.

Why Singapore?

Vidar: Singapore is ranked as “the easiest place in the world to do business in, with a highly developed and free-market economy.” It’s known for reliability, quality and integrity–as well as for being one of the least corrupt countries regarding business practices. This makes Singapore a very attractive place for companies from all over the world, including us. We have an amazing product and I think it can fit the people there very well.

What are you most looking forward to?

Vidar: I am looking forward to a whole new adventure. I am going to meet a lot of new, successful people, and it will be very interesting to learn how they have succeed with business in Singapore. It will be interesting to adjust to different weather, food, culture, etc. I love big changes, and I think I will grow a lot as a person.

What do you think will be the greatest challenge?

Vidar: It will be very exciting to see how SalesScreen can affect the Singaporean market because I think we have something that fits them very well. The biggest challenge will be sitting down with top leaders and getting them to understand that SalesScreen is a good fit for them. There will also be a big difference in the business culture between Singapore and Norway.

How do you picture SalesScreen Singapore one year from now?

Vidar: I am picturing SalesScreen in Singapore as a 'domino effect', where it will be difficult to get new customers in the beginning, but gradually there will be more and more leads and customers who want to use our product.

So, after a year, I hope it will stabilize as the leading product under gamification/visualization in Singapore. Hopefully, we will increase employee motivation and make work a little bit more fun!

Want to get in touch? Drop us a line at marketing@salesscreen.com

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