We're Not a Software Company; We're a People Company That Makes Software

We've had a lot of internal discussion lately about why we exist and who we are. Here's an interesting look at what we found.


CMO - June 20, 2018

Recently, we had an annual company get together where we discussed our successes, failures, strategy, and vision for the future. During this time, one major focus was on determining who we really are, what sets us apart from our competitors and why we exist… not just as a company, but as people.

We love making software. That has been in our DNA since the beginning, in fact our internal company motto is still *'Brave nerds who combine our genuine love of technology with a strong business mindset.' *

But beyond that, what we have found during these years of growth from a consultancy company to a product-based company is that **we have a unique opportunity to make work life better and more enjoyable for employees all around the world… and that is really cool to be a part of. **

You see, what we do with this product is fuelled by our vision of the world. We love coming to work each day and we are more than just colleagues, we're friends… close friends. We serve as groomsmen at each other's weddings, hang out together on the weekends and generally love being together. It's an atmosphere unlike anything I have ever found anywhere else in the business world.

Long story short, our vision of the future is to help build other companies that share a bond as tight as we have and an enthusiasm for what they do that makes the workplace fun, enjoyable and rewarding. We want to help build fun, inspirational teams all around the world.

Yes, we are a software company… but everything we do is designed to build stronger teams, make work more fun, and help provide recognition and celebrations when they are deserved.

To learn more about who we are and how we help teams all around the world to drive better performance on clearly defined business objectives, schedule a demo. We promise that it may be the most influential business decision you ever make. :)


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