Why Celebrating Your Employees Is Essential to HR

The best way to keep your employees happy: celebrate together! Read about why this is so important, especially from an HR perspective.

Why Celebrating Your Employees Is Essential to HR

In a normal week filled with meetings, deadlines, emails, and endless follow-ups, it can be easy to forget to pay attention to the people that are around you–your employees. However, employees are the most essential part of any successful business.

So what do we do to avoid the employees being “forgotten” in our daily routines? At SalesScreen, we celebrate! We celebrate our employees every day. And why is this so important for me as an HR Manager?

The Cost of No Recognition

Well, a study from O.C. Tanner Company notes that nearly 80% of people who quit their jobs do so because of a lack of appreciation at work. And, a study from PwC’s Saratoga Institute found that many people who have key roles in organizations prefer appreciation, purpose, and autonomy, rather than promotions and raises, to feel engaged. On average, the cost for each employee leaving your company is 1.5X their salary (Achievers). Annually, $11 Billion is lost due to employee turnover (Bureau of National Affairs). So, why would you not spend time celebrating your employees and making them feel appreciated?

When you get recognition from someone your brain releases dopamine, which makes you want to perform better. And this starts from the top of the organization. Adam Smith from the “Greater Good Science Center” states that if employees get recognition from their managers, they are also more likely to show appreciation for their teammates. This creates a domino effect.

On the other side; “When people aren’t having fun, when they’re not recognized for outstanding performance…when no one says ‘thanks,’ they often become disengaged and feel unimportant,” said Wells Fargo Chairman Richard Kovacevich in O.C. Tanner’s white paper. Studies also show that people who feel appreciated and valued at work are more likely to handle stress and physical challenges better than those who don't.

The Extra Mile

The SalesScreen tool makes it easy to celebrate your employees, and for them to feel engaged, seen and appreciated. But for me, it's the small, nearly unseen daily celebrations that are important. The high-five when we close a deal, the comment “you rock” during lunch, and the appreciation and recognition we show each other every day. Living in the busy time we do, in our hectic professional lives, it's therefore important to remember that we still work with human beings as our most important asset. We all need feedback, we all need appreciation and we all need to feel valued.

When we get this, we are more likely to be inspired to go the extra mile for our employer. And that is the key for HR (and for the rest of the organization). We want our teammates to go the extra mile, to do great work and to perform at their very best every day. And of course it's a fact that happier employees will result in lower turnover, higher productivity, and a better bottom line.

So while SalesScreen is a great way to engage, motivate and show recognition, we must not forget the human interaction aspect. I still think that relying solely on tools to engage employees is not the way to go. But combining tools like SalesScreen with the human interaction will make your organization go a long way.

Employee Appreciation

What do our employees have to say about each other? We asked 'who is someone you appreciate at work?'

Emilie: Someone I appreciate most is my boss, Remi Allegre. He is a go-to person on all kinds of professional aspects, as well as on a personal level. He is a rock for this company and always puts everyone else's needs ahead of his own. He always supports me—I get to try and fail (and sometimes succeed too), he asks me critical questions and always has thoughtful feedback. He is a great co-worker and a great person.

Vidar: One of my colleagues I appreciate is Remi Morken, who has been coaching me since day one. He is fair, direct, solution-oriented, knowledgeable, and someone who really wants the company to succeed. Last but not least, he has become a good friend.

Alice: I appreciate Nora because she is always cheerful and incredibly easy to work with.

Paul: I appreciate my coworker, Tapi. He lived abroad for many years and gained an intercultural awareness needed to work with international colleagues like me. He has a super kind soul. He always has a positive mindset, he is reflective, caring, and is always making the people around him feel happy and relaxed with his genuine smiles and laughter. My experience at SalesScreen would definitely not be the same without him!

Victoria: Shouts out to my awesome coworker Alice! She is extremely talented and kind and has been a great mentor for me in all things design. I also want to mention my boss Dave, who is the life of the party in our office. He makes me laugh, inspires me to be creative and innovative, and has been my number one supporter since I started at SalesScreen. Best boss ever.

Richard: Sales and marketing are not two silos, and Faraz has fostered transparency and collaboration between both teams since his first day at SalesScreen. You feel his positive energy in every conversation and he makes sure he delivers what he has promised. The willingness to help when he believes he could add value, even if it is not his core focus, says a lot about his personality. Faraz is a valued member of our organization, and I truly appreciate his contributions!

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