Why Company Spirit Matters

Company spirit is about a sense of belonging and engagement. Learn why cultivating company spirit is so essential to employee and company well-being, as told by our new team member, Helene.

Why Company Spirit Matters

Let’s be honest. Motivation is essential for success in any given endeavor you take on. When it comes to motivation in the workplace, it is a vital part of the performance of employees, thus also an important role in any company’s success. Why do some companies succeed in motivating their staff, while others fail? And what about working at SalesScreen makes me feel motivated and purposeful?

Motivation in the Workplace

My interest in motivation in the workplace is quite hot off the fire. I had my first day here at SalesScreen 3 weeks ago, and as a result, my content-focused mind has been buzzing with topics such as productivity, what defines a winning workplace culture, gamification, and naturally, motivation in a workplace setting. However, to get a good overview of the whole picture that leads up to this article being written, let’s rewind time a bit.

My lifetime in the workforce is still a quite young one–I am 25, and this is my second corporate job. Considering that I was born in 1994, I’m a part of the “Millennials” generation. I don’t think I need to describe this demographic in much depth, but generally speaking, we are value-driven, and on the search for fulfillment and meaning in our careers.

To quote a previous blog, “in the past, employees sought the security and stability in simply receiving a steady monthly paycheck. The expectation of rewards and benefits beyond remuneration was typically non-existent. But not the new millennial workforce, which seeks fulfillment, purpose and tribal belonging in their work–often even at the expense of higher income”. I can very much resonate with this sentence, as I find myself seeking a sense of belonging in my work, more than just financial stability.

Redefining 'Jobs'…More Than the 9-5

A job has become something more than just a place we go to make money; it is becoming more and more an extension of ourselves. Someone’s perceived purpose in life is becoming the determining factor when choosing an employer; we want to be certain that we are making an impact on the world around us.

When I started working for SalesScreen, I was very much aware of the company’s values, beliefs and I had an amazing impression of the internal culture. This was due to my research on the company, how they were portrayed online, and my impression of the people that worked here. I was determined and I really wanted to be a part of this team. Additionally, as a Millennial, I was seeking an employer that gave me a sense of purpose, not just a paycheck. For me, SalesScreen ticked all the boxes.

Looking back on this, and as I stated in the introduction, I have been reflecting a lot on what exactly made me want to work here. Why do I feel this sense of belonging, motivation, and rightfulness regarding my choice to work here? I think it boils down to these two things: the people, and our shared sense of purpose. A winning team, with a spirit. Shared values that are ingrained in us all. Not only does it create a really good place to work - it makes it an environment where people actually want to work. A sense of spirit, like I mentioned, in which every single employee can feel driven by purpose, rather than money or status.

Building Company Spirit

In a Forbes article, Dennis Jaffe talks about this concept of “spirit” within a company. He describes company spirit as “a special sense of belonging, participation, and commitment among employees.” He then goes on to explain how people working in such an environment feel a special bond with the business, what it stands for and what it does. They also feel a bond with each other and with customers, suppliers and their home community.

“Spirit represents a deep, rejuvenating capability to get results in a way that respects and enhances the wellbeing of everyone involved in the enterprise as well as the long-term viability of the business”, Jaffe explains in the article, before emphasizing how individuals want to be in touch with spirit in the workplace because they consider a workplace more meaningful when they see the connection between what they do and something greater. Additionally, he states, spirit helps people to work together towards the same end goal to create positive results.

Company Spirit at SalesScreen

Here at SalesScreen, we use collaboration as a tool to define who we are as a company. The people are at the core. It’s not just about any individual’s sense of purpose–rather, it’s a shared sense of greater purpose. Our company values aren’t just put out there, nor kept within the leader group; they are ingrained within our company culture. This creates a bond, and a feeling of being a part of something greater, something purposeful that we all share a common belief in–an amazing spirit. Which again boosts motivation amongst employees.

Because at the end of the day, no man is an island. And to quote Steve Jobs, this time in the true spirit of SalesScreen, “great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.'

So, I’m super excited to start here at SalesScreen because of the strong company spirit, lively culture and innovative nature of the product. My journey here may have just begun, but the culture has been a work in progress since founding.

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