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Fight Sales Disengagement With Strong Employee Connection

Sales reps may think of themselves as lone wolves on the hunt—they pursue individual goals, build a book of business and, in some cases, strike out as an independent contributor. But just like real wolves, sales reps are highly social animals, and financial services teams sales managers who keep their packs connected can build a virtuous cycle of team engagement and motivation.

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Fight Sales Disengagement With Strong Employee Connection

Connection is among sales managers’ most difficult challenges

Our recent study of financial services team sales leaders found that over half are challenged by keeping their teams connected. Nearly as many are also challenged by motivation—the two often go hand in hand. Creating a sense of belonging and connection will increase employee engagement and, by extension, motivation.

3 ways to combat disengagement by strengthening connection

  • Be transparent: Transparency encourages cohesion, accountability and an honest company culture. Set team goals and give sellers a clear view into their personal contributions (and challenges) with data visualizations.
  • Encourage cooperation: Give agents the opportunity to help, be helped, and encourage each other. Our stats show that 40% of insurance agents said positive chatter helps them feel like part of a team.
  • Celebrate wins together: Sales floor energy is unparalleled. Give your reps the tools to take a virtual lap when a deal comes in. Share victories in a way that lets them express themselves and boost their performance through recognition.

Leaders and managers think they are crushing it. Reps aren't so sure.

Leaders and managers perceive themselves as highly effective in motivating teams and individuals, while sales representatives hold different opinions. There is a significant perception gap between managers and sales reps regarding motivational skills, recognition, and guidance. The discrepancy in evaluations emphasizes the varying perspectives on managerial effectiveness in these areas.

What works for some reps, isn’t working for all

Traditional tactics like goal setting and real-time updates work well for the majority of reps who identified as “motivated.” The rest chose motivators that are less often supported by incentives.

SalesScreen keeps Goodleap’s team connected

Michaela Brown, Strategic Support Specialist at Goodleap, uses SalesScreen to connect not only a remote team, but a team composed of independently contracted sales agents.

Ready to tap into the motivation that gets your team to goal?

We want to know how your team works! What struggles are you hitting, what are your biggest strengths, and what are your goals?

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