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Advisa used SalesScreen to make their sales data clear and intuitive while simultaneously building a high-performing sales culture.




SalesScreen made it easy for us to focus on the right activities, drill down into specifics and gather all the data we needed to perform effective coaching and management around trends to create continuous improvement.

Jonatan Tornberg, Chief Sales Officer, Advisa

Advisa is one of Sweden's leading loan comparison services. The company was founded in 2011 with the vision to make it easy for consumers to save money on their loans. The services includes private loan comparison, personal protection cover and expert advisory.

Their management team wanted to make much better use of their sales data and display the information in a way that was clear, useful and easy to explain. They also wanted a solution that would be fun, rewarding, and motivating for management and customer service agents alike.


Advisa used SalesScreen to make their sales data visual, transparent and intuitive, which allowed their sales reps to perform better on targets and created a team atmosphere of friendly competition and celebration. This allowed sales reps to see the impact that they were having on saving money for customers. The management team also used their new data insights to drive key activity on desired targets, resulting in a much better overview of individual and team performance, ensuring that customers were being taken care of the right way.

In addition, live updates on TV screens brought a whole new livelihood to the office and helped Advisa build the type of culture that they had dreamt of: a culture where recognition was instant and competition inspired all members of the team to put forth their max effort, in order to help customers.

What were some of your pain points in sales?

Data-driven decisions are very important to us. We wanted to see and understand our data, in combination with using that data to increase the competitiveness of the customer service department to hit and exceed targets. We lacked a good way to view our sales data in a way that was convenient, effective, and easy to understand. We wanted to create more awareness on the success of the company, the growth of our products and the effectiveness of our sales strategy. Looking at just numbers is difficult and confusing, especially when trying to explain the direct impact that our sales reps have on our overall success.

In addition, we really wanted to create and grow a culture of friendly competition. Our customer service agents are very competitive when it comes to helping people and saving money for our customers. So, the ability to show them how they rank or how they are performing in relation to each other really was important in increasing activity and creating the type of fun culture that we wanted to build and be known for. We tried doing this some in-house but it was time consuming and always seemed like we got sidetracked by work and failed to celebrate as often as we should have... so we wanted something that would be automatic, public and engaging.

Saving customers money is very important to us, so we wanted a new way to drive activity on the right KPIs/targets. Running contests on these targets was time consuming and slow but our reps really enjoyed competing to provide the best service, so we needed to find a way to make these competitions more simple and effective.

Lastly, with our new-hires, it was very important to speed up their time-to productivity. Some were maybe coming straight from school or had limited sales experience or had been working in other industries and we wanted them to become proficient and feel like part of the team as fast as possible.

How does SalesScreen help you?

Our customer service agents are very results-driven. Data analysis and competitive spirit are equally important for Advisa's sales teams. We use SalesScreen to set clear goals, define targets for our agents, and then make their progress very easy to understand at a glance. It makes our sales day much more motivating and fun. SalesScreen has made it very easy for us to understand our data. It was really important that we find something that could make the information very flexible and easy to tailor based on role or metrics or whatever was most important to each small team.

The flexibility and ease-of-use of SalesScreen made it easy for us to focus on the right activities, drill down into specifics and gather all the data we needed to perform effective coaching and management around trends to create continuous improvement. As a result, we've seen great increases in productivity on the key targets that we define. When our agents understand their direct impact on targets, it builds a much more cohesive and powerful atmosphere that makes people feel motivated and appreciated. Everyone celebrates together now and we even see the other departments coming around to see the excitement we are creating.

Leaderboards and sales contests on TV have helped us create a much better teamwork dynamic and motivate the agents to exceed their targets. We have also found it much easier now to focus on different products or different KPIs at different times of the year, making the transition smoother, faster and more exciting. This was great because it suits our business model and helps us get up to speed with new services quickly, rather than slowly building up momentum over the month or quarter. Having goals that are easy to measure and easy to see progress on makes it much easier for agents to understand the overall picture and how their results make a difference.

With SalesScreen, it's easy to take action quickly, identify weak spots and solve problems. We like that all of the information is visible in a very clear and easy-to-understand way so that the managers and coaches can easily explain to the sales reps what things are necessary to increase performance on targets. It's an amazing tool for boosting productivity of new-hires and also works really well for our experienced members as well. Everyone wants to know how well they are performing and how important they are as a member of the team so it has been critical to show the data in a way that quickly lets sales reps know the direct impact that they are making.

Now, everyone understands their quotas, focuses on the right targets and drives lots more activity... which results in more sales, better business and happier leadership.

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