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App-Garden, a K-12 administrative software, teamed up with SalesScreen to improve data transparency and unite their office/remote sales teams through fun competitions, dashboards and a company feed.


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SalesScreen has helped to ease the process of pulling data. With a few simple clicks, I can easily pull the amount of calls per day, week and month.

Kaila Ashley, Sales and Marketing Manager

App-Garden, founded in 1992, is a suite of cloud-based applications that automate many of the time-consuming processes that are common to K-12 School Administrators. App-Garden solutions are used to save time, reduce paperwork, manage costs, and allow teachers and administrators to spend more time focused on educating students. Their headquarters are located in Hickory, NC.


Before SalesScreen, App-Garden was searching for a tool that would help to resolve the transparency of sales/activity data. They also wanted to bring in a “fun” factor to bring their sales teams together, as well as features like competitions and message boards that would help to bridge the gap between team members, both in-office and remote.


SalesScreen has helped App-Garden to ease the data-pulling process. Kaila noted that “with a few simple clicks, I can quickly pull the amount of calls per day, week and month. The dashboard feature has been a huge resource for the management team and allows for easy comparison of past and current statistics.”

With SalesScreen, Kaila also noticed that sales reps could “easily track their progress at a glance, without taking time to manually track information. It also helped to build our data in a more comprehensive manner and get really granular. For example, being able to dig in and see how many calls were made to each state for a specific period of time, and to see if we need to increase the push in a certain area.”

In addition, App-Garden integrated Salesforce with SalesScreen, for a smoother user experience. “The onboarding process was great. I asked many questions and requested many changes and updates, and the team worked to make everything function for our current process…the ease of retrieving information has saved hours of manual work.”

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