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How Den Gule Banken Increased Sales and Improved Employee Satisfaction with SalesScreen

Sandnes Sparebank witnessed 200% increase in goal attainment for their customer service teams and a 133% increase in new customers for their private sales department with SalesScreen.

Den Gule Banken
IndustryBanking and Finance
Company Size1000+

Den Gule Banken is a savings bank providing commercial banking services to industry and private households in southwestern Norway. Since starting with SalesScreen in 2017, they have seen immediate and long-lasting results. We spoke to Bank Manager Konrad Kvitvær to see the impact of SalesScreen six years later.

In their first year using SalesScreen, Den Gule Banken saw results immediately, witnessing a 200% increase in goal attainment for their customer service teams and a 133% increase in new customers for their private sales department.

Jason Bateman
Quotation Mark

Yeah, I think it would be sad [to not have SalesScreen], and I think they would question if we would recognize the work that they do because it's been an important part of our sales process. I wouldn't be a popular man if I removed it.

Jason Bateman|Sales Leader

The challenge

Den Gule Banken wanted to improve visibility across the organization and build a more results-driven approach towards sales and customer service while also highlighting good performance in a fun and engaging way in order to build a stronger workplace culture. They were also looking for a way to give their management team the ability to place more of a spotlight on good performance and increase recognition in real-time.

The solution

For Den Gule Banken, it was time to replace their whiteboards with a digital sales tool that was flexible and could provide updates in real-time. By using TV screens to show results and progress, they attracted the attention of other departments and built company-wide interest in their sales process, with colleagues cheering them on towards new milestones and even making friendly bets on when they would hit their next targets.

They wanted a more visible and results-driven tool to keep track of sales.
We wanted to go from old school to new school and put a more positive driven focus on sales where employees can cheer on each other. One major positive aspect of SalesScreen is that you can make results visible to everyone with slides, leaderboards, likes, and comments, and you can adjust how many people are showing on the lists… whether it’s the top 3 or 5 or the entire company.

Quotation Mark

What they have found very joyful is with the TV screens, when someone comes out from a meeting and has performed well, has a good result afterward. Not everyone finds it natural to shout about it. But with the TV screen, it becomes visible. So, it makes it possible for us to root for each other.”

Take the stress out of planning and make events fun
Take the stress out of planning and make events fun

In addition, Den Gule Banken managed to place focus on the right areas during important campaigns, resulting in improved performance on key targets and more celebrations from the entire organization. Even the management became more involved in recognizing individual accomplishments.

Sales culture has consistently improved, and employee satisfaction has remained high during the years SalesScreen has been implemented.
customer satisfaction increase
insurance sales INCREASE

In 2022 compared to 2021, making 2022 the best year ever in insurance sales

Quotation Mark

I think the team likes it too much. We wouldn't function as well without it.  It's a real part of our sales culture.

Even boring tasks like manual data entry became more interesting. The registration of key activities and entry of data points also increased since it’s more fun to see your personal celebrations on TV or to work your way up the leaderboard.

In many organizations, the management team wants to help increase efficiency and goal attainment but struggles to do so because they lack the real-time overview of individual performance. Since SalesScreen connects all office locations in real-time, it is easier for all levels of management to have a total overview and for direct managers to coach and provide guidance as they see necessary or to provide feedback and encouragement when warranted.


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