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SalesScreen is helping Ecotone, an eco-friendly office supply company, to ditch whiteboards for digital dashboards and increase employee motivation and sales with competitions.


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My favorite part of SalesScreen is the competitions because we can use them to motivate the sales departments across different countries.

Michel Crama, Sales Manager

Ecotone has been at the forefront since 1984 when it comes to reusing printer cartridges. They produce eco-friendly printer cartridges and recycled packaging from their office in Rotterdam, Netherlands.


We chatted with Sales Manager, Michel Crama–who is located at the company headquarters in Rotterdam–to find out more about how and why they use SalesScreen.

Before SalesScreen, Ecotone was searching for a digital replacement for their outdated whiteboards. They wanted something that would increase motivation and help to unify their sales departments across offices in 3 different countries.


Since starting with SalesScreen over 3 years ago, Ecotone has experienced more productivity and increased sales in all of its offices. Contests have helped to reignite the selling spirit amongst reps and create friendly competition between the offices to be the best.

In addition to boosting employee engagement and motivation, SalesScreen has also helped Ecotone to improve their overall company culture and collaboration between offices. With locations in the Netherlands, Turkey and Austria, it used to be difficult to know how each office was performing and there was minimal transparency between sales departments. Now, everyone knows how each office is performing, and they run frequent sales competitions between the 3 countries. Whiteboards are certainly a thing of the past for Ecotone, which is much more fitting more a forward-thinking company that embraces innovation and technology.

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