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Faktum Forsikring

Faktum Forsikring replaced their outdated data visualization software and boosted motivation by running fun competitions with SalesScreen.



Faktum Forsikring

We understand our data and KPIs much better and it has made our management team better leaders too. Now we understand what's happening in real-time now and we know where to focus our efforts.

Aron Hjellup, CEO, Faktum Forsikring

Faktum Forsikring is a Trondheim-based franchise of Nemi Forsikring, which has been taking the insurance industry by storm since 1989. With over 35,000 private customers and 4,000 corporate customers, it is clear that they offer a high quality product at great prices. Still, insurance sales is by nature one of the most competitive fields in sales. So, for a new company to succeed, they really need to have top salespeople who are working hard to close new deals every day. When they realized that their CRM’s data visualization software was outdated and their reps wanted more interactive competitions, they turned to SalesScreen.

The Problem

We were using this old whiteboard where everyone would mark sales updates… but it was so old-fashioned and we couldn’t hold competitions between offices. We also had a CRM that showed diagrams and graphs of our data but it wasn’t tailored to our needs and the visualization was so boring. The whole process was inefficient and time consuming because either myself or the other sales leaders had to manually enter everything into spreadsheets in order to keep track of sales. It was just so much work to process the data, analyze it, make forecasts, update the teams, and then still find some way to motivate them… it was draining. Luckily, there was a solution… and it didn’t involve lots of paper, old whiteboards, or boring diagrams.

Finding a Better Solution

As any salesperson will tell you, the best recommendation you can get is from word-of mouth. As Aron tells us, he was looking for something new to improve the existing system when he heard about SalesScreen. “One day, I was working with a new sales rep who we had just hired and he mentioned that his previous employer used SalesScreen and everybody loved it. I said to him “No, it’s okay; we already have a CRM; we don’t need another software system.” But he kept talking about how much they liked it; so we looked into it and fell in love. Now we use it all the time.” SalesScreen is more than just another software system; it’s your CRM’s new best friend.

SalesScreen has allowed Faktum Forsikring to improve their sales processes, hold fun competitions, and easily understand their data. Those Aha moments have continued to happen, and Faktum Forsikring’s profits have continued to rise since implementing the new system.

Our salespeople loved being able to run live competitions; and when I saw that the startup cost of SalesScreen was covered within just the first couple of weeks because our reps were so motivated, that was my big Aha moment!

Understanding the Data

Understanding the numbers behind their sales data was one major piece of the puzzle that Faktum Forsikring was missing. “Our CRM had a module for visualizing the data, but it was so dry and boring, plus the statistics it pulled weren’t very useful to our organization.” SalesScreen’s brightly colored graphs and charts have helped to put that puzzle piece back in place by making the data quickly accessible and easy to understand. “It’s intuitive so there’s not much you have to learn. It’s very time efficient. This is a nice change from the process we were using before.”

It’s not like other systems where you have to sit and do a lot of work to change it or understand it.

In addition, SalesScreen’s staff helped to customize the software so that it fit perfectly to their needs. “SalesScreen is so much more personalized for our business. It seems like it’s tailor-fit for insurance companies, although I’m sure it works for other industries also.” When competing with so many other insurance companies, it’s necessary to have a competitive advantage like SalesScreen. “Most insurance companies have lists and spreadsheets with metrics that they don’t understand and that are not easy to relate to. This results in lost opportunities and unclosed sales, which we are happy to take advantage of.”

Putting the Data to Work

As Faktum Forsikring knows better than most companies, data is only useful if it is understood and leveraged to improve performance. "As a sales manager, your job is never finished. SalesScreen allows our team leaders to focus more on following up with the sales processes and less on worrying about gathering numbers." As for all that tedious and time consuming data entering that they had to do before… “I don’t even use spreadsheet reports much anymore because it’s so easy to find the information in the dashboard. And when I do need a spreadsheet, I can just click and print it from the system. It takes just seconds and we can compare the reports over whatever time period we want by just selecting the days.”

Having all of their data easily accessible has also made it much easier to work with individual sales reps to target areas for improvement or to give praise on a job well done. “Instead of waiting on all the reports to come out, I can just look at their screen now and say to them “hey your budget is behind this much per day, how can we help you do better?””

Understanding the numbers and then giving feedback is a big part of what managing salespeople is all about and SalesScreen has helped to make that much easier and less confusing.

It’s easy to understand the numbers now and we always know where to put in our effort as leaders or when to leave them alone and just let them stay on a hot streak. Our job is to help, guide, and direct them when needed. That’s just so much easier to do when you understand their real-time performance.

Building a Team Environment

With 3 different offices in 3 cities and only a whiteboard to run competitions, Faktum Forsikring’s sales reps needed something more to keep them engaged and build collaboration between their teams. “SalesScreen allows us to track progress in real-time and receive instant feedback of who’s selling and what the details are. We even check the app on the phone when we’re away to see what’s going on.”

Keeping track of sales updates across different offices can be difficult and can cause salespeople to miss out on the momentum created when another office brings in a big sale. With SalesScreen, Faktum Forsikring doesn’t have to miss out on those updates anymore! “The in-office recognition feature with music is fantastic. Sales reps change their songs and pictures all the time and it’s fun. They take advantage of every customization possible. The chat feature also allows us to write comments and congratulations in the company newsfeed, which brings much deserved recognition to the teams.”

Faktum Forsikring was not alone in their need for a tool to connect their separate offices. “I’ve worked in insurance long enough to know that almost every insurance sales office has different teams. In my experience, this separation of teams has always been an obstacle because you can’t compare the different team results easily since everything is only on whiteboards. It’s very difficult to build team competitions when the teams are in different offices. It’s also hard to compare their data without sending long emails full of spreadsheets. I knew there had to be a better way.” That better way was SalesScreen. SalesScreen makes it easy to create friendly competitions between teams in different offices and easy to compare the sales activities of different reps with a single click.

Encouraging Growth Through Competitions

Ask almost anyone who has worked in sales before what keeps them on track and they will probably tell you that setting goals and running competitions is key to building winning sales teams. “When you work with sales, you have to focus on weekly/monthly/yearly goals, but those goals become really hard to relate to if the data isn’t current. I had to send constant updates through email or draw them on the whiteboard so that the sales reps would stay engaged in the competition. It was very time consuming to give constant feedback that way, but I had to. Otherwise, the reps couldn’t relate to the competitions.”

Sales competitions are so much easier and more engaging now because everyone can see what’s taking place on the screens in the office.

With SalesScreen, running competitions becomes fast, easy and fun. The competitions have proven to be a valuable asset in Faktum Forsikring’s sales toolkit by making it much easier to constantly understand individual budget progression even though their teams are in different cities. "We probably use competitions too much, really, but the reps love it so why not?"

When asked what has been their formula for keeping reps engaged, Aron’s answer is precise and to the point. “We have definitely found that shorter competitions work best because it’s easier for the salespeople to stay engaged. When we run a daily or weekly competition, it’s easy for everyone to stay motivated. Sometimes, with long competitions, one rep will just pull so far ahead that it’s almost impossible to keep up. So, instead, we keep them short to allow more winners."

Staying Connected with the Mobile App

With busy salespeople and constant meetings, Faktum Forsikring’s reps had a difficult time staying updated on the overall sales progress of the office. SalesScreen’s app feature solved that problem by ensuring that all of the data and updates are constantly available at their fingertips. “Everyone has the app installed on their phones and it’s very easy now to send or receive instant updates. Even when I’m in meetings, I receive push-notifications on my phone. Even if the rep is in another office or traveling, everyone knows that they just sent an offer or closed the deal.”

Not only does Faktum Forsikring use the app during business hours, but they have also found it particularly useful outside of normal hours for sales reps who are working late to close the deal. “Sometimes when I go home at night or over the weekend, others are still in the office selling and this app has made it really easy for me to congratulate them on their extra hard work and then to remember to thank them in person when I come in the next morning too.”

Perhaps most importantly, their salespeople have learned that even when times are hard, they can always check their notifications to receive a boost of encouragement.

When it’s a hard time as a sales rep you always make excuses for why it’s not possible to close the deal. The app notifications remind us that it is possible and give us an extra boost of motivation, because someone is always selling somewhere.

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