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Greene Resources joined the SalesScreen family to help visualize data in an intuitive way and to keep their teams connected and engaged, no matter where they are.


Staffing and Recruiting

Greene Resources

SalesScreen helps unify everyone—even when not in the office—and keeps the competitive spirit alive.

Jason deFreitas, VP of Recruiting Solutions

Greene Resources is a recruiting firm offering a wide range of talent solutions to connect people and companies in such a way that jobs become purposeful, impactful and long-term careers. Founded in 2000, Greene Resources now serves businesses across the USA from its two North Carolina locations in Raleigh and Wilmington.


We video chatted with several Greene Resources employees, Ruth Johnson (Director of Implementation), Jason deFreitas (VP of Recruiting Solutions) and Hunter Marshall (VP of Information Technology), to hear some different perspectives on how they use SalesScreen and what changes they have experienced since implementing.

Before SalesScreen, Greene Resources was searching for a method to better visualize activity and automatically integrate data in real-time. They wanted to transition to a more proactive standpoint, rather than reactive. Additionally, they wanted a manageable way to reward employees for great job performance. And with this current shift to remote work, it was more important than ever to keep their teams connected and up-to-date with one another.


SalesScreen has helped Greene Resources to build more pipeline and drive more activity that impacts revenue directly. It has allowed them to maintain the heartbeat of their organization, even with the sudden shift to remote work.

Ruth noted that “even the teams not using it all the time can still see what’s going on, which helps to cross-pollinate the teams and connect people across isolated parts of the office.” They noticed an increase in collaboration amongst employees and more excitement once people started consistently hitting their goals and being recognized for it. And even with people working from home now, they have been able to keep the engagement way up with visibility and fun competitions. As Hunter said, “it has helped us to keep the remote workers proactive in a time where it’s easy to become reactive.”

User Adoption of Current Systems

“If it hasn’t happened in Erecruit, it hasn’t happened.” – Ruth

Implementing SalesScreen has increased the user adoption of Erecruit (Enterprise Staffing Software). In the current home office environment, it is more important than ever to have people registering their activities. SalesScreen has made this process much easier and has helped Ruth and her team to visualize information that they were not able to before.

Staying Connected and Engaged (Virtually)

With the sudden shift to remote work, many companies had to quickly pivot to virtual work. Luckily, with SalesScreen already in place, Greene Resources felt like they were one step ahead. Of course, it was still an adjustment to have everyone working from home, but Jason explained that SalesScreen has been a great tool to help ease this transition and keep everyone on the same page during these changes in their workplace environment.

“It has been helpful in this home office culture to have visibility via the web dashboards. It keeps everyone connected and also helps us in knowing what the funnel looks like in real-time.”

In addition to visualization features, Greene Resources runs monthly digital competitions between their different teams—even ones that are measured on different KPIs. This has helped to unify everyone (even when not in the office) and keeps the competitive spirit alive. Jason also mentioned that the team that wins each month gets to add something to a trophy, and at the end of the year they will get to reminisce and see all the various things added to the trophy. With everyone spread out at the moment, he was grateful that they could continue running these competitions and keep the momentum up and motivation high.

Bridging the Gap

Greene Resources is a tech-focused company who understands the importance of tech for their business and their clients’ businesses. Many of their other tools don’t have the ability to give a simple, quick overview of data.

Hunter: “With SaleScreen’s integrations, we now have real-time visibility where we had a big gap before. We understand there's a lot of staffing firms out there, so how do we differentiate our technology stack? And how can we improve our delivery and automate what we're doing to keep costs down for our clients? When speaking to our clients, we leverage SalesScreen as a reason to go with us. It sets us apart from our competitors.”

“People don't like micromanagement. And so this is a fun way to see your metrics and see your goals and work towards them. I think that's one of the biggest challenges that our teams had in the past. They would feel like sometimes they're not clearly understanding or able to see where they're tracking on current goals, but SalesScreen has helped to change that.”

Revenue Impact

In addition to increased visibility and engagement, Greene Resources has also seen increases in revenue.

Jason: “Our technology recruitment team has seen a 20% increase in revenue. On a company level, we have seen a 10-15% increase after implementing SalesScreen. Having created visibility where we did not have any before, we ran a competition on leads, where we produced 54 new leads. This is 54 leads we would not have had without SalesScreen.”

The Implementation Process

The setup of new software can often be a timely and frustrating process. Greene Resources noted that the onboarding process was seamless and stress-free.

Hunter: “Implementing SalesScreen was very quick and efficient. We were up and running in less than 2 weeks—in a project that I normally see a timeline of several months from start to finish. SalesScreen did all the configurations for us, expedited and streamlined the onboarding process. Once set up, it’s so intuitive and user-friendly. Needless to say, implementation exceeded our expectations.”

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