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Ilitch Sports and Entertainment

Ilitch Sports + Entertainment operates the award-winning Little Caesars Arena, Comerica Park, and the iconic Fox Theatre, all within a four-block radius in The District Detroit. We spoke to Aaron Ryley, Manager, Inside Sales at Ilitch Sports + Entertainment, who is responsible for overseeing the inside sales team.


Sports and Entertainment

Ilitch Sports and Entertainment

SalesScreen is a great platform for us. Being able to have the seller’s name go up on the TVs, their celebration video or song playing. It builds positive reinforcement, and people clap for each other and pat each other on the back. It all starts with the people, but it's very much a competitive, friendly environment.

Aaron Ryley, Manager, Inside Sales


Ilitch was looking for a platform that could support the growth program of the Inside Sales teams at Ilitch Sports + Entertainment. The program provides a unique opportunity for inside sales reps to sell for both teams, the Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Tigers, facilitating career growth on multiple fronts. The Wrap Assistance Program provides a supportive environment for new reps, allowing them to learn from experienced account executives and foster growth within the organization. Ilitch wanted to leverage a gamification platform to continue to maintain a competitive yet collaborative and positive organizational culture.


Ilitch highlighted the significance of utilizing a platform to track and gamify performance metrics for their sales teams. Since onboarding SalesScreen, they’ve been able to enhance their ability to monitor specific statistics, appointments, and calls, streamlining processes that were previously manual and presenting data in a more accessible and visually appealing manner.

It's great for data analysis from a leadership perspective with all the different things that you can do to incentivize reps while pacing towards a big overall goal. It's not just different sales popping up on the board but goals that we're collectively working towards, whether that's a team trip or a day off on Friday, or whatever it is. I think SalesScreen just allows us to continue to breed the culture that we're building here. It's been a great asset for us. And I think the reps really enjoy it, and the leadership team is able to do some pretty cool things with it as well.

One notable initiative Ryley introduced was "Throwdown Thursdays," a monthly competition dividing teams to make calls for the Red Wings and Tigers, injecting an element of friendly competition and accountability. By leveraging SalesScreen, Ryley was able to easily track the competition on calls and appointments and let the teams have some fun creating team names and custom graphics to show up on the TV screens. Overall it fostered a fun and positive competition that people were excited to participate in.

Yeah, I think for me personally, I love being able to track specific statistics - how many appointments someone made over the last month, or how many calls someone made that day, and then utilizing it for internal contests we'll do. I think all the different graphics and gamification make it more in-depth than manually plugging it into a PowerPoint slide. I think being able to have a platform to be able to do that just makes it much easier to digest for the reps, but I also think it's just a cleaner look.

The implementation of the SalesScreen platform brought about a positive shift, allowing for team recognition and celebrations and adding a light touch to the daily grind of sales activities. The TV display showcasing achievements provided a constant reminder of goals and drove desired behaviors, promoting healthy competition and motivation among team members.

I think overall it's such a great way for people to recognize each other. Being able to celebrate each other's success, seeing a teammate's name pop up, being pumped up for them, and having different funny videos. It's also a good way to break up the day, like one of our representatives has a clip from Anchorman where Ron Burgundy jumps in the pool, I think that puts a smile on people's faces and kind of like keeps things light.

Sales contests and incentives were further reinforced through the platform, showcasing achievements and driving performance by providing clear metrics and visual representation. Ilitch emphasized the platform's role in promoting accountability and setting a standard for hard work, highlighting the importance of showcasing results through data and numbers, particularly in promotional considerations.

I think it adds a great element of accountability but also a way to make the job less monotonous, more fun, and more enjoyable.

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