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NGage Recruitment

NGage, a specialized recruitment agency based in Hoorn, teamed up with SalesScreen to gamify their office and boost engagement with fun competitions and personalized rewards.


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NGage Recruitment

The part I like best about SalesScreen is how you get the whole team on board, not just the top billers, but also the people that are not top 3 every month.

Lennard Steur, Partner, Senior Recruitment Consultant

NGage Recruitment was started in 2010 and has since developed into a trusted partner in IT recruitment and selection for many companies in the Netherlands, from enterprise to start-ups. NGage specializes in 5 niche markets—Testing, Frontend, Java, .NET and PHP. They have 30+ employees working out of their office in Hoorn, Netherlands.


We chatted with Lennard Steur–who is located at the company headquarters in Hoorn–to find out more about how and why they use SalesScreen.

Before SalesScreen, NGage Recruitment was looking to implement leaderboards and gamification into their office, to boost competition and reignite motivation. As a young company (with most employees between the ages of 20-30) they wanted something fun and visual for their team, which was also easy to track and gather important data from.


With SalesScreen, NGage noticed a huge spike in competitive spirit and employee engagement. Employees are consistently checking results and eagerly awaiting the next competition. Everyone always wants to see how they are performing and is congratulating each other for their wins. It has fueled their company culture and led to more sales and productivity.

For example, one of their favorite features is the lottery competition because it gives everyone a chance to succeed, not only the top performers. One month they had a new trainee that added 1 interview (thus had 1 lottery ticket) and she ended up winning the competition despite over 200 interviews being registered that month. That gave her a huge motivation boost as a new employee and inspired the other employees to work even harder in the following month.

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