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Nordax Bank

We sat down with Fredrik and Agnes, Business Development and Analysts for Nordax Bank to discuss the impact of SalesScreen on their teams. Vital players in supporting sales, Fredrik and Agnes were instrumental in onboarding SalesScreen.


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Nordax Bank

“But it's [gamification] an excellent approach. Seriously, I'm saying this honestly, it's such a good tool.”

Fredrik Hjortblad , Business Analysis & Development Manager


Nordax Bank needed a sales platform that could visualize progression, milestones, and target attainment across teams while also increasing engagement. Prior to SalesScreen, Nordax didn't have a tool that would be able to keep teams aligned and informed across departments. Information was shared manually through Excel lists, which took time to manually pull and format but also lacked the real-time availability of key data that sellers need in order to create informed decisions.


After evaluating other solutions, Nordax determined that SalesScreen was the best platform for increasing engagement and keeping their teams up-to-date on important milestones. After onboarding, which was made easy through the help of SalesScreen’s dedicated CSM team that helped set up the account, Nordax was ready to get to gamifying.

The support has been really good, and we always get really quick answers, and you're always good at solving problems, especially within the desktop app. We have had sales coaches that have written in the chat and gotten a quick answer. And that has also been very good for us as super users, that everything doesn't need to go through me and Agnes.

Since its implementation, SalesScreen has become an important part of daily work life. Since creating competitions is quick and simple, they are run more often, which results in higher engagement in reporting. It has also given managers a better overview of everyone’s progress toward goal attainment.

If I don't turn the TVs on - I turn them on every Monday morning - or if I'm not there, there's someone complaining within the first 30 minutes at least.

The visualization of important data has been so successful for the management teams at Nordax that they have recently added Coaching to their account in order to link all of their team’s individual data into one area in order to understand better the success and areas of improvement for their sellers.

...when I started, the engagement was quite low. They [sales] were not very interested, but now they want to report everything. They want all the follow-up. They want the team managers to see what they've done. I've seen a huge improvement.

After seeing the success of engagement and productivity since implementing SalesScreen, Nordax is now integrating the Coaching tool into their platform. Since managers can see targets, progression, benchmarks, as well as previous tasks and coaching notes all in one section, Nordax wanted to help their sales managers create even more cohesiveness between activities and their outcomes.

I would say how everything in the system links together. For example, if you have agents reporting their sales, you get the ability to set up competitions, or the scorecards, and you can see that in the coaching module. So I would say that's the main feature I like, everything links together.

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