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Visma Mamut

Visma Mamut drastically increased sales performance by creating a fun, vibrant sales culture, resulting in increased awareness on goals, better cohesion and more sales.


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Visma Mamut

SalesScreen helps us to build a great sales culture, and that means everything to us. As a result, we have happier employees and therefore more productivity and more sales.

Filip Caspersen, Sales Manager, Visma Mamut

Visma is an international industry leader in business software, outsourcing services, commerce solutions, retail IT solutions, and IT related development and consultancy. The company has 400,000 customers with the vast majority in Northern Europe. Their Mamut team in Oslo was looking for a way to brighten up the office with a fun, competitive vibe and lots of focus on real-time metrics. They were specifically searching for a SaaS platform that could display sales data on TVs and provide recognition and celebrations for the completion of key activities that lead towards the company's main sales objectives across separated offices throughout Europe.


Visma turned to SalesScreen and noticed a sharp increase in activity on the key metrics that they wanted to focus on. Specifically, the Mamut team has seen incredible results in running daily or weekly contests around specific goals, such as number of meetings booked or offers sent on particular products. The real-time updates allowed the sales managers to coach and provide feedback in a much more proactive manner and the increased awareness on performance allowed the sales reps to always be completely aware of their progress toward goals for the week, month, or quarter.

In addition, the friendly competition between the Oslo and Krakow offices resulted in more activity in the pipeline, and ultimately more sales for both teams.

What were some of your pain points in sales?

We struggled with a lack of enthusiasm... it's not that we don't have great employees, but we just didn't have a lot of celebration and focus like we should. Having a static sales environment that's the same routine every day does not encourage salespeople to be innovative, competitive, or over achievers. We really wanted to help bring the intensity and focus of the entire office up a notch. But, to do that, we needed to be able to be better at our jobs as sales managers; we needed to provide transparency, awareness, clarity on goals and do a better job at motivating our people in a fun way and cheering for them when they completed sales tasks.

Often, a sales culture highlights only the best achievements, like the biggest sales, for example, but we wanted everyone to be in the spotlight. We wanted to show that every member of the team is appreciated, needed, and vital to our success as a company. When you only focus on the same people all the time, it can become demotivating, so we wanted to have better leaderboards and better options for sales contests, data, and other things like that so that everyone was being celebrated together more. I think that as a sales manager, if you can focus on your people and show them that you appreciate them and that they are a critical part of the team, then they will be more invested in their job and will work harder to make the whole team successful.

When you can highlight everyone together, you can build a real atmosphere of teamwork and that's what we were really working hard to achieve but it wasn't so easy the way we were doing it.

Lastly, we really had a hard time connecting to our office in Krakow and showing how the teams here in Oslo and there were working together. It seemed a bit disconnected and we wanted to show how their results affected each other and build a better connection between the teams. We really needed to have control over our development in sales and it was hard with separated offices. We needed to build the same culture across both departments and keep track of how things are going without constant emails back and forth. All that we strive to do is encourage our own customers to be more efficient through SaaS and digital tools, but we weren't doing it ourselves... we needed to "drink our own champagne".

How does SalesScreen help you?

With SalesScreen, we have managed to create a vibrant atmosphere where the sales floor feels "alive". Since we run sales contests more often now and everyone is aware of how everyone else is performing, it has an effect of bringing everyone's performance up together. There's a lot more sound and action in the sales teams now and I think that motivates people because it's fun and personal. We emphasize all of the good the achievements now and we have a very transparent overview on how everyone is performing.

We've built a strong sales culture by making it much more fun, motivating and rewarding for people to complete activities and register all of their daily phone calls, contacts, and so on. When everyone knows that their co-workers are working stronger, it makes them also work harder. It's similar to sports where you output more when you know the whole team is putting out more and as a result there is a gradual performance increase and you build a culture around that.

Also, the relation to our sales departments in Krakow has become stronger because we are more connected. Before, it was just two offices and very hard to know how each other were performing but now we have all of their updates, we share all of the data and we even run competitions between the offices to build more teamwork and cohesion. When we meet up for our annual trips or events, it's like we've been together the whole time because we are so aware of their names and faces and how they've been doing. We have a much closer relationship and there's higher quality behind the numbers.

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