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WaterCircles improved their company culture by using SalesScreen to streamline their sales process and bring their teams together across offices.




SalesScreen has been essential in bringing our teams together and making it easy for us to view our sales data. It’s easy to use, keeps us updated, and it makes our day more fun. Plus, the sales reps love it.

Jan Patrick Olsen, Sales Leader, Private Insurance, WaterCircles

WaterCircles AS is well known as a leading insurance provider throughout the Nordics. They have differentiated themselves by providing premium quality service and support combined with market-leading rates to over 50,000 happy customers. They do this, in part, by having two separate sales teams to handle their growing customer base. With tons of new referrals coming in each week from their already satisfied customers, WaterCircles was growing rapidly and searching for a more effective way to track their sales data and keep their sales reps motivated.

The Problem

We wanted something that would bring our sales reps together, fuel their competitive spirit, and help us see our sales data in real-time. That’s why we started using SalesScreen.

Visualizing the Data

As any good sales leader knows, time is money. The less time you spend on reports and spreadsheets, the more time you can spend mentoring your salespeople and driving in new revenue for the company. “Before, we used daily Excel reports for competitions, which was time consuming and boring. It was impossible to do real-time competitions and I spent half of my day just trying to sort all the sales numbers.” Now, WaterCircles uses SalesScreen to help them focus their time and attention on what matters most.

The simplicity that SalesScreen gives us is the biggest advantage. We don’t have to wait on reports anymore and we can understand how all of our salespeople are doing immediately!

WaterCircles’ sales leaders have also been able to use the new data integrations to help their sales reps move potential clients through the sales funnel faster. “If you use SalesScreen in a smart way, you can do everything from follow-up on offers to closing the deal.” The ability to quickly see and understand their sales data means that sales reps can spend more time on handling all of the incoming calls and less time trying to figure out how close they are to achieving their budget.

Good routines make all the difference and SalesScreen helps make routines more interesting.

Motivating Sales Reps

It’s a fact of life that happy and motivated salespeople sell more. “In sales, just like any other profession, people eventually get bored sometimes and you need something to motivate them. That’s what sales leaders are for… but it’s so much easier for us to do that when we have the right resources available.” As a software product, SalesScreen is constantly growing and adding new content and new ways to help sales leaders engage their teams.

Our job is to coach, motivate, mentor, and make our people more aware of how their impact counts; in order to do this, we need new tools that help to stimulate our sales reps and make work more fun.

With 20 experienced salespeople in their group, WaterCircles was looking for a way to recognize performance and encourage teamwork. SalesScreen’s unique features have allowed their two teams to come together like never before. “Seeing all the different features on TV screens really helps to motivate our sales reps and build team spirit."

Everyone encourages each other when a sale is made and it helps drive friendly competition and keep everyone engaged.

Surpassing Goals

If there’s any company out there who knows about surpassing sales goals, it’s WaterCircles AS. As the name implies, their business has expanded like ripples from a stone thrown into a lake. Their sales teams were not only interested in meeting their budgets, but in surpassing them. Their traditional whiteboard sales competitions were no longer sufficient to do the job and SalesScreen provided an excellent new alternative.

Our sales teams love the competitions and being able to see their progress on the TV’s. It’s definitely brought a new level of entertainment and has allowed us to easily run friendly competitions that the whole office enjoys.

The competitions are customizable and allow leaders to create multiple competitions at once on many different metrics, which is good for a diverse company like WaterCircles. “It has been nice to be able to customize the competitions to fit our needs based on budget, sales, offers, referrals, or whatever else we want. Some of our salespeople even change their profile picture or theme song almost weekly just to mix it up and bring more fun into the office.”

We work on two different floors of the same building so now everyone knows when a sale is made because of the integration with our CRM. It has really helped to unify our teams by keeping us aware of everyone's progress.

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