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Your all-star insurance reps only make up part of your team

Your top-tier insurance reps exhibit the right habits for success, but at best, they make up only 10% of your team. To enhance team performance, empower every seller by setting attainable goals and incorporating gamification strategies.

Learn how to motivate all of your players
Your all-star insurance reps only make up part of your team

Banking exclusively on top insurance sales reps incurs higher retention costs

Our recent study of insurance sales leaders reveals that 42% of insurance sales managers identify retaining star contributors as a major challenge. Exclusively relying on top insurance sellers increases retention costs. Instead of focusing on one group, managers can use limited budgets to motivate the middle and low performers, whose individual gains collectively result in a significant team win.

Turn your low performers into your biggest opportunity

Unlock the true potential of your entire workforce by reinforcing good behavior and gamifying their day-to-day activities to motivate reps who need a little nudge.

Gamification boosts sales performance among middle and bottom performers

Running competitions and gamifying sales team’s behaviors significantly amplifies pre-sales and upsell activities for middle and bottom performers, giving insurance managers more opportunities to propel lower performers into top-tier contributors.

Reinforce positive behaviors

Instead of solely relying on dollars sold, insurance managers can creatively use KPIs to encourage activity and reinforce best practices. Start with calls and quotes to get a glimpse into the pipeline, providing early wins for reps. Expand goals to include key practices for success: referrals, events, and social media activity.

Visualize goal progression in real time

Insurance sales managers often work with technology that doesn’t allow for real-time KPI tracking. Instead, they spend hours compiling results that they share monthly or quarterly, well after they could use that data to motivate or coach middle performers.

Tap into your reps’ competitive spirit

Competitions have long been a cornerstone for sales managers, and they prove especially powerful for insurance reps, known for their goal-oriented nature. But surprisingly, insurance reps ranked competitions and associated elements, such as leaderboards, as even more impactful motivators than traditional cash bonuses.

When top talent is a flight risk, 
focus on motivating the middle instead

Keeping your best salespeople on board is hard in the best of times. Instead of trying to hold onto superstars, motivate a larger roster of middle performers whose individual gains add up to a big team win.

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