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Increase orders and call activities, and close more leads

SalesScreen + LeadDesk

LeadDesk is a cloud-based contact center for sales outreach and customer service. The software behind happier agents, better service, and more sales. Synchronize orders and call activities from your LeadDesk cloud organization as KPIs in SalesScreen! Customizable filters are supported to ensure tracking of the most relevant data.


  • Gamify LeadDesk activities like calls, calendar meetings, and orders
  • Gain a holistic view of how your team is tracking to goal with easy-to-read dashboards
  • Celebrate wins and recognize milestones in the feed that highlights all activities in the platform

Integration Set Up

In order to set up this native integration with LeadDesk, SalesScreen will need access to Replica Database, which is available within LeadDesk. Once given access, SalesScreen is able to create the workflows that will push into SalesScreen, and you are ready to gamify! This integration requires one technical meeting to agree on the data filters and one QA meeting to ensure accuracy.

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