Our one-touch integration with Outreach API allows the daily activities of your sales and SDR teams to be pulled directly into your SalesScreen platform, making it easy to track, manage, and run competitions on your most important KPIs.

Track Outcomes, not Activities
SDR’s spend hours each and every day emailing, cold calling, and video messaging. While all those activities are necessary, tracking them alone isn’t a true indicator of success. Our enhanced Outreach integration takes the most important parts of prospecting - the outcomes - and pulls them into the SalesScreen platform so you can see not just how much your SDR's are doing, but also it’s impact. 

Get the Most Out of Competitions
We all know competitions are a great way to get SDRs motivated, excited, and eager to hit the phones. But competing just on activity volume only solves half the problem.
Our new integration pulls in all the relevant information from Outreach so your team can win based on metrics that matter, like how many prospects have been added to sequence, or which SDR has the most popular sequence. We don’t just enable SDRs, we turn them into champions!

Metrics to Track:

  • Adding prospects to sequences
  • Active sequences
  • Finished with no reply
  • Avg. step finished with reply
  • Avg. step finished no reply
  • Most popular sequences
  • Replies per sequence
Increase in revenue
Increase in activities
1 month
Investment return

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