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Build an amazing sales culture wherever they are

Remote and hybrid sales teams are here to stay, and leaders who want to build a positive, engaging culture will have to learn some new tricks.

Hustle culture won’t cut it

Just 9% of white-collar workers said they wanted to return to a traditional commute and office life. The rest want a remote or hybrid work setup where work-life balance is a priority and rewards include community and a sense of purpose. Sales leaders can help their teams achieve that by building a great culture. Learn how.

Culture is experiential, not environmental

Foosball tables, be gone. The key to building great culture has nothing to do with your office decor. In fact, when asked, executives greatly overestimated the importance of the office environment and amenities to their team. Find out what they really want.

Rest assured, the ROI is good

Companies with extremely healthy cultures were 1.5x more likely to report average revenue growth of more than 15% for the past three years, according to a survey by Oxford Economics. That’s because happy employees are 56% more productive, 50% less likely to leave their jobs, and take 75% fewer sick days.

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What you will learn in this guide:

  • How we started living in the office – and what changed
  • New work models and what they mean for teams(not all models are created equal)
  • 5 ways to build sales culture wherever you are

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