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Visualize Your Team’s Success With Sales Leaderboards & Gamify Their Progress

Boost productivity and engagement by connecting data with your sales leaderboards. Our data visualization tools give managers and sellers instant access to the up-to-date metrics they need to succeed.

Visualize Success with Leaderboards and Dashboards

Provide instant access to activity metrics and KPIs so everyone can see who deserves kudos, and you can see who needs support - all at a glance. Your team wants to win for themselves and for the company. Give each player the tools they need to be self reliant, accountable, and driven.

Foster A Healthy Sales Culture With Leaderboards

When your sales team can see where they stand at any given point, they know how hard they have to push to win. Not only that, but they can congratulate each other, poke a bit of fun, and react to every win in real time!

How to Win More

When your sales leaders actually have the time to lead, your whole sales team wins. We automate and simplify their daily workflow so that they can coach smarter and more efficiently with all the data they need - without ever pulling an outdated sales report.

More Transparency = More Wins

When your sales team knows where they stand, they compete more organically, feel more included, and make better decisions. Boost transparency and built-in incentives with achievements, dashboards, and more!

SalesScreen is where the magic happens

When motivation, competitions, and best practices come together, something seriously magical happens! Our clients see some MASSIVE boosts to their metrics when they implement SalesScreen.

Our customers love our leaderboards and dashboards

The true test of any great software is what their current customers have to say about them. With a massive 4.8 out of 5 stars on G2, our visualization tools work across dozens of industries!

Keep your team accountable with SalesScreen

Start generating real accountability by delivering real-time data to your reps. Let’s work together to enable reliable revenue streams for your business.

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