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Is your sales team tired? Are you struggling to hit your numbers but can’t seem to find a way to motivate your sellers? Are you constantly pinging team members to ask them to update their deal cycles? Then gamification is your answer.

Gamification makes daily repetitive activities fun, cultivates a sales floor vibe across dispersed or remote teams, and provides more accurate forecasting. All of this culminates in a stronger pipeline and increased revenue attainment. So how does it work?

When running SalesScreen competitions.

When running SalesScreen competitions.

While running one-day blitzes.

While running one-day blitzes.

Of the over 13,600 competitions analyzed.

Of the over 13,600 competitions analyzed.

In the first 12 months of using SalesScreen.

In the first 12 months of using SalesScreen.

Process and Tool Adoption

AE’s are doers. But, it’s no secret that they’re not known for their attention to administrative duties. While boring, ensuring your AE’s are accurately and comprehensively adding all activities and updates into your CRM is crucial for accurate forecasting, setting attainable revenue goals, and determining budgets. If you’re missing the big picture as a revenue team, then you don’t have the information necessary to adjust or change sales strategy, which is one of the most common causes of companies missing revenue goals.

How Gamification helps:

  • Reward daily tasks such as logging new meetings in Salesforce or adding a prospect to a sequence, and reinforce the behavior with badges, celebrations, and endorsements.
  • Encourage the early and consistent adoption of tools by integrating the rest of your tech stack into SalesScreen, so sellers earn achievements for things like completing a Lessonly or logging a call.
  • Boost brand intelligence and overall adoption of current and new products by creating competitions that get sellers excited to learn about new releases.

Transparency in Goal Attainment

Data doesn’t need to be hard - SalesScreen integrates with your tech stack to automatically pull in all your relevant data(in real time!) and visualizes it so that it’s easy to read, understand, and most importantly, act on. If you are only able to review goal progress through hard-to-pull and even harder-to-understand reports from your CRM, then you are missing the real-time indicators that can make or break revenue attainment.

How Gamification helps:

  • Go further than just reports - visualize every aspect of your sellers’ day-to-day with Dashboards and Scorecards that allow them to track their personal progress in real-time so they can make adjustments to their selling style or strategy.
  • Leaderboards let sellers benchmark themselves against their peers, harnessing their competitive edge to be the best - pushing your teams to motivate themselves.


With improved transparency across teams and individuals, accountability suddenly becomes second nature. Long gone are the days of not knowing what your AE’s are doing or how well they are performing. With so many teams still working remotely, it is even more important to make sure that your teams are doing what they are supposed to in order to stay on track.

How Gamification helps:

  • Make it easy to bake ongoing pipeline and revenue-driving activities into your AE’s weekly routines by reinforcing those positive behaviors through rewards and recognition.
  • Get your AE’s excited to compete, against each other and themselves, with easy-to-create competitions and dozens of achievements - don’t see an achievement you like? No worries, achievements can easily be customized!
  • Coaching programs are available to help managers and sellers alike by automating preliminary questions, meeting invites, and even follow-up tasks, giving time back and giving clarity to expectations.

Motivate Middle Performers

Wouldn’t it be great if your low and middle performers had the drive and habits of your top 10% of sellers? Sales gamification turns your low and middle performers into your new secret weapon, with SalesScreen boosting middle performers’ KPIs by 61% and low performers’ KPIs by 107%. Start motivating your team with the rewards they want, tools that enable their growth, and a sales culture that motivates them to develop healthy habits every day.

Talk to us about getting your AEs in the game!

SalesScreen gives revenue teams:

  • Real-time access to KPI progress
  • Improved deal velocity
  • Forecast accuracy
  • Motivation for middle performers


Sales Increase


Activity Increase

When running SalesScreen Competitions

Leader - Winter 2023
Most Implementable - Winter 2023
High Performer - Winter 2023

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