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Great Sales Leaders Know That Goal Attainment Starts With Motivation

Sales is an extremely emotional game, and with such a volatile economy, one missed quota can quickly turn into a sales spiral. Keep your sales momentum strong and boost your team’s motivation with sales gamification.

Great Sales Leaders Know That Goal Attainment Starts With Motivation

Sales leaders struggle with…

Every sales leader has their struggles, and we know it can be hard to get your entire team ramped up and selling to their true potential.

When continuously motivated, middle performers’ KPIs are boosted by 61% and bottom performers’ by a massive 107%. SalesScreen helps your whole team succeed and boosts productivity across the board.

One solution to solve them all: Gamification

Gamification is much more than just making selling fun with a few games and competitions. Our gamification taps into the motivational drivers of every type of seller to bake in daily best practices, drastically improve performance, and help your team drum up more and better business.

Turn struggles into success

When your sales reps win, everyone wins! We up the engagement with visualized data, competitions, an interactive feed of all the latest wins, achievements for big milestones, and an intuitive coaching module. With SalesScreen, your reps stay motivated while your managers can finally get their time back!

SalesScreen is where the magic happens

When motivation, competitions, and best practices come together, something seriously magical happens! Our clients see some MASSIVE boosts to their metrics when they implement SalesScreen.

We’re leading the pack

For over a decade, we have been leading the sales gamification industry and that experience shows in our results.

Take a tour…

SalesScreen is one of the best ways to motivate your team to goal and to consistently increase sales numbers quarter over quarter. Close more deals, grow consistently, and build a better sales culture with us! See for yourself and take a tour of the SalesScreen solution!

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