8 Steps to Sales Competition Success (APAC)

On-Demand Webinar


Nuno Pereira

Nuno Pereira

VP Sales - APAC, SalesScreen


Eric Deinoff

Eric Deinoff

Director of Demand Generation, SalesScreen

Stuck in a sales rut? Has remote work life got you and your team struggling to hit quota? Are your once-booming sales competitions not delivering the way they used to? It’s time to rethink how you run sales blitzes and supercharge your competitions to reinvigorate your winning sales atmosphere and boost your sales reps’ performance.

View our APAC webinar “The 8 Steps to Sales Competition Success” with SalesScreen’s Nuno Pereira, VP Sales APAC, and learn:

  • The reasons why your sales competitions fail
  • The essential 8 steps to make your competitions engaging, fun, and successful
  • How to get your team to love the game and make them want to compete again and again with proven tips that work

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