5 Amazing Winter Sales Contests (and How to Run Them)

Check out these 5 rad winter sales contests to turn up the heat in your offices!


Marketing - November 27, 2018

Sales contests are an effective way to boost performance and add some fun into the workplace. We always recommend having a theme to make the contest relevant and exciting–so since winter is just around the corner, here are some winter-themed sales contests that are sure to put your employees in a jolly mood.

Skiing for sales

GOAL Bring in the most total revenue for a 2-week period

PRIZE Winner gets a new pair of nordic skis or other winter-related gift valued around $300

Holiday gift swap

GOAL Close more big deals before the end of Q4 by creating a Gift Swap competition to compete in order to open, steal or swap gifts

PRIZE Use a few small gifts, some medium gifts and a big gift (ex. Playstation, new iPad, etc.) This way people will want to compete to win the big gift, and they will have to create more activities in order to steal or swap it away from a colleague. For more ideas visit our Gift Swap guide or blog

Spin to win

GOAL Reconnect with old prospects before the close of the year to set up the opportunity to re-approach with an offer in January of the coming year

PRIZE Whatever you’d like to put on the wheel for your reps to spin for. Examples include: wine, chocolates, sports or movie tickets, lunch, company apparel, iPads, and anything else you would like to give away as a random prize

Whisky wonderland

GOAL Increase the number of key activities (emails, phone calls, CRM entries, etc)

PRIZE Christmas dinner and drinks with the top 5 winners (or however many you choose) to celebrate strong Q4 performance and get the energy flowing for a strong start to the new year

Christmas at the cabin

GOAL Increase number of meetings booked across teams to ensure a filled pipeline for the start of the new year

PRIZE Winners get to take off a day early for the holiday break. If it’s within your budget, maybe rent a cabin to hold a fun team building weekend. Use this opportunity to celebrate a successful year together and conduct leadership development or skills coaching

To read more about these competitions and setup, download the PDF here.


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