6 Clever Ways to Prevent Burnout During the Holidays

Instead of stressing your employees out during the holidays, help prepare them to enter 2018 strong. Here’s how.

6 Clever Ways to Prevent Burnout During the Holidays

2017 has certainly been a year for the record books! With digital marketing trends shifting, chances are that your business has had a fast-paced and highly stressful year. As sales reach peak level and the year comes to a close, employees can feel stressed and burnt out.

As we head into the holidays, most of us are looking to catch our breath, get some wind back in our sails, close strong, and ENJOY the holidays with our friends and families.

To help make that a little easier, I’ve got some clever tips that will help ensure that you aren’t burning out your employees.

“January is the most popular month for job changes.” — HR Magazine

Remember, your employees may just grab the Christmas bonus and run if they’re not happy. In fact, a combined 45% of employees have left work either because they needed a challenge or the work was boring… and 27% left because they did not like the company culture. That says A LOT about how important it is to invest in your people!

1. Support them better

Employees who feel that their managers understand and support them are more likely to put forth the effort required to help a company exceed its goals. According to Gallup, “managers account for up to 70% of variance in engagement” among their workforce. So, before you burn your employees out, take the time to sit and chat with them and see how you can help make their workday better.

2. Provide more flexibility

During the holidays, employees are juggling more than usual. If they’re parents, they have plays and concerts to attend, a house to decorate, and probably sick kids to comfort. If they’re students, they’re busy with finals. Just about everyone has a full calendar this time of year and a little bit of flexibility will go a LOOOONG way in gaining the respect and admiration of your employees. In fact, 89 percent of companies report better retention simply by offering flexible work options.

3. Brighten up the office

Sometimes, the little things go a long way. Decorating the office for the holidays is rewarding, engaging, and helps build rapport between colleagues. Considering that employees spend so much of their time at the office, it makes sense to spread the holiday cheer at work by decorating the office, incentivizing customers, and more!

6 Clever Ways to Prevent Burnout During the Holidays

4. Share the burden

If your employees are clocking extra long hours and you’re leaving at normal time, that is a management failure. Rule #1 of leadership is that you should lead from the front. If your teams are putting in hard work, you should be there with them. By sharing in the burden, you let everyone know that you respect and care about them. Plus, more hands on-deck means work gets done faster and everyone can go home to their families sooner… a HUGE win.

5. Conduct 1-on-1's

The holidays are a perfect time for getting to know your employees on a personal level. What’s going on in their lives? How are things at home? What are they looking forward to? What is stressing them out? How can you help? Year-end reviews are important, but so are casual and personal conversations. Be sure that you’re not just “checking the boxes” to report to management for reviews but instead also checking in on your people and their daily lives.

6. Spread the cheer

A great way to enter the holiday season and start off the New Year is by spreading a little office cheer through the use of sales enablement and gamification. Use digital leaderboards to celebrate performance and highlight growth. Run real-time sales competitions with fun themes to close the year strong. Celebrate the big wins on TVs across all of your offices. Make data visible and transparent so everyone is on the same page. Enter 2018 fresh, confident and ready to set new records.

6 Clever Ways to Prevent Burnout During the Holidays


The holidays are a very important time of year but if you do it right, this can also be one of the most fun, engaging, and rewarding times of year as well. SalesScreen is here to help you close 2017 strong and head into 2018 with everything you need to set KPIs, measure growth and surpass goals. Contact us to learn more. Happy holidays, from our teams to yours!

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