Achievement Unlocked: Our Latest Achievement Updates

Achievements are one of the most important elements of gamification, let's walk through some of SalesScreen's new releases around Achievements!

Achievement Unlocked: Our Latest Achievement Updates

A tried and true gamification mechanic is positive reinforcement through achievements, badges, and streaks. You see it in everything from loyalty rewards cards, dog training, and, of course, in SalesScreen. SalesScreen Achievements are a powerful tool to help motivate your teams to hit and exceed goals continually, and we are excited to introduce some new features to fire up your teams even more!

So why do achievements and badges work so well? One reason is that they increase our feeling of self-efficacy, meaning it lets us feel like we have the power to achieve our goals. So when you tell your teams that they need to hit x-amount in revenue, they become hyper-focused on that goal, no matter how much a stretch. By implementing achievements, you can break down larger goals into smaller, bite-sized pieces that make them feel more manageable.

Streaks to create goal commitment

Another reason why achievements work so well is that they create goal commitment. Goal commitment is simply feeling committed to hitting a goal. When we hit a goal, it releases feel-good chemicals in the brain that make us want to experience that feeling of accomplishment again. One way to encourage this behavior is through our newest feature, Streaks. Now, when a user unlocks an achievement more than once, it starts a streak that motivates them to keep unlocking that achievement for as long as possible. If Snapchat can do it, why can't we?

Achievement sharing to tap into social capital

Social capital influences us in so many ways - it helps us make decisions, inform opinions, and drive behavior. For example, if we see a peer or teammate pursuing or achieving goals, it pushes us to want to pursue and achieve those goals. This is why we developed Achievement Sharing, a new feature that allows SalesScreen users to download and share when they have unlocked an achievement in the platform. They can share with colleagues on Slack, email, or upload to their social accounts - increasing their social capital and self-esteem.

Unlocking Their Potential

Achievements are the secret sauce for thousands of sales teams worldwide, with long-lasting psychological benefits and proven to boost productive behaviors. The engineering and R&D teams here at SalesScreen have made dozens of pre-built achievement options perfect for sales teams in industries ranging from insurance to software and everything in-between. Request your free trial to start unlocking your team's potential today.

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