Activity Feed

An activity feed is one of the best ways to share and promote content between users.

Rudy Van Duijvenvoorde

Regional Director Netherlands - March 26, 2019

At SalesScreen, we are glad to help you build an activity feed for your company. Through an activity feed it is possible to display achievements, recognize accomplishments and celebrate milestones. As a result, the employees of your company will experience the feeling they are noticed and appreciated.

Keep track of all developments within your team with an activity feed

Your activity feed can be accessed through multiple devices. Visualize the latest developments on displays in your office, access the feed on a computer or view the current statistics through your smartphone. The display feeds we build are highly customizable. You can decide precisely what you want to display.

Learn more about our various possibilities

The possibilities to visualize your data and statistics on an activity feed are endless. You can receive as much or little information as you like. Display your data in a graphically or turn the achievements of your salespeople into a videogame.

Curious about the possibilities we have on offer for your company? Schedule a free demo! For this demo, we personalize the system to your wishes and demands. That way you can fully experience the benefits of using SalesScreen in your company. For more information, feel free to contact us via our live chat.


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