FREE eBook: “How to Hire, Onboard and Motivate Top Talent”

We’ve just finished our 3rd eBook. It’s free to view and download… we hope it makes hiring & retention a bit easier.

FREE eBook: “How to Hire, Onboard and Motivate Top Talent”

Motivation isn’t something that you can just create out of thin air or use on a whim when you need it. You can’t fabricate motivation, you have to foster it.

How organizations choose to hire, onboard, and motivate their employees will determine the difference between success and failure. In order to be successful, companies need to hire, onboard and motivate the best employees possible.

Motivation comes from a habit of beliefs and routines. Sometimes, motivation is even about accountability and giving 100% effort for the team even though you’re tired or not feeling well. In order to have this kind of motivation, it needs to be backed by a passion about something.

Our goal with this eBook is to prove that by leveraging the power of sales motivation software to build great culture, you can create a workforce who shares a sense of purpose, mission, and identity. As a result, employees will be inspired by each other and driven to create a cycle of motivation that changes the way employees interact with management, customers, and each other.

FREE eBook: “How to Hire, Onboard and Motivate Top Talent”

Why is this topic so important?

According to a recent Gallup poll, less than half of the average workforce is engaged in their work, costing upwards of $450- 550 billion annually in the US alone. To make matters worse, disengagement leads to turnover and burnout.

Additionally, according to research firm Gartner, 70% of business transformation efforts fail due to lack of engagement. So, it makes sense then that there has been a clear shift towards recognition and incentive strategies that aim to enhance performance.

When managers recognize employees’ contributions, engagement increases by an average of 60%. In addition, 41% of companies that encourage colleagues to support one another experienced a significant increase in customer satisfaction.

Organizations that have an official means to acknowledge employee contribution experience, on average see a 14% increase in their financial results.

As a result, 46% of upper management in large-scale companies deem that incentive programs are an investment and not an expense.

Chapter 1: HIRING —  How can you target and hire top talent, without breaking the bank? More importantly, how do you know you’re hiring the right people for the job?

Chapter 2: ONBOARDING —  Bringing in new employees can be a challenge and studies show that most new hires form their opinions of a company within the first 30 days. What is the fastest way to speed up time-to productivity for new hires?

Chapter 3: MOTIVATING & MAINTAINING MOMENTUM —  How you engage, motivate and recognize your sales force sets the tone for the long-term success and ultimately the overall culture of your company. Are you creating an effective motivation structure?

To download this FREE 34-page eBook, click here.

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